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Since my collection of ascii pictures has grown I have found it necessary to divide this section of my homepage into a few smaller parts. I made most of the pictures in this collection (hopefully it is obvious which ones are not made by me). I have not put my initials on every picture but if you intend to copy more than just one or two of them I suggest that you add either my initials, "VK", or my full name, "Veronica Karlsson", to them.

Updated: 8 April 2009


Q: Can you draw a picture for me?
A: First, check out Andreas' collection. If you don't find anything useful there, ask in alt.ascii-art.

Q: Can you help me with a technical problem?
A: First, read The FAQ. If that doesn't answer your question, ask in alt.ascii-art.

My pictures

General collection

Special collections

(For those who are looking for something specific I have added an alternative page with links to all the pictures, sorted by subject. However, if you want to see all my pictures, or just my newest pictures, looking at one file at a time is probably more efficient.)

"Interactive" things I have made (CGI)

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