This does not work in some browsers.

If it works you should see a textarea with an image background.

To draw an image with the plastic bag method:

  1. Put the URL of an image in the "Image" input field. You can use images on your own hard drive. Just open the image in your browser and copy the file:/// URL.
  2. Click on Change.
  3. Adjust the size of the textarea by changing width and height.
  4. Choose a text colour that will be clearly visible against your image. (I often find it easy to draw with red text.)
  5. Type into the textarea and try to make the ascii characters line up with the contours in your image.
  6. Copy-paste the result into a text editor and save in a text file. (It's a good idea to do this every now and then while you're working on the image.)

(I call it the plastic bag method because originally one drew the image on a clear plastic bag which was then taped to the monitor. A text editor was placed behind the image and then the artist could draw an ascii picture with the image on the bag as a guide.)

(I got the idea for this toy from an example of what not to do on Matthias Gutfeldt's homepage)

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