Thanks From The LUDD Board 2019/20

published 30/06-20 by brinktjofzki

It is time for us in the current board to step down and to hand over to the next year's board. With that we want to say thanks for this year and to wish next year's board good luck!

We also want to again give the reminder that from tomorrow 2020-07-01 the membership fee will be 150 SEK (previously 100 SEK).

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Email: Migration From Mbox To Maildir

published 24/05-20 by tmplt

To improve our email system we will internally migrate from the mbox to the Maildir format. Additionally, the presently active INBOX and any other mailboxes will be moved from ~/Mail and /var/mail (resp.) to /ludd/mail/maildir. This directory is not accessible to your user; it will thus no longer be possible to manage email by executing, e.g. mutt /var/mail/username. Any other programs/filters that require direct file access will no longer work. Management of email will only be supported via IMAP, POP3, SMTP and/or via the web interface. A brief introduction to filters in the web interface is available on the wiki.

The migration is planned for June 20th, which is a month away. ~/Mail will not be removed, but will change name to ~/Mail-legacy-$(date --iso-8601=seconds). Any existing mail will be copied during the migration. If you already manage your mail via the supported methods listed above, you can disregard this email.

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Changed Directory For LUDD Userweb

published 12/04-20 by brinktjofzki

We have recently changed the directory path for the userweb from /home/www to /ludd/www.

If you have any scripts that point to the full path you need to change this to the new path.

If you have any questions you can direct them to the administrators.

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LUDD:s Hantering Av Covid-19

published 17/03-20 by noomie93

Med hänsyn till ny information kring LTUs hantering av covid-19 vill vi gå ut med att LUDD som förening avser att följa universitets hantering.

LTU följer enligt uppgift regeringens och skolverkets rekommendation att ställa in verksamhet på plats och gå över till distansverksamhet, och då vill vi be våra medlemmar att följa LTUs beslut. Så länge skolans hus är öppna kommer medlemslokalen vara öppen, men vi uppmanar inte vistelse i T1. Allt sker på egen bedömning och risk.

Se följande länk för att hålla er uppdaterade i realtid

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Emergency User/Mail Directory Migration Done

published 20/01-20 by armedguy

Today we have conducted yet another user directory migration, this time done as an emergency. We managed to get our new storage system for userdata up and running (separate from all other systems) with SSD-based storage, and took the decision to migrate everything directly instead of scheduling a maintenance, due to the mail problems we have had. The temporary storage we had were running on old HDD-based storage and could not keep up with the iops from both mail, virtual machines and user directories, which is why you have been seeing connection and mail delivery issues for some time now.

We hope that this new solution can be permanent and serve all users well, with increased uptime and speeds.

New user directory prefix is /ludd/users, we decided to make this move to make any future moves technology agnostic, so that we dont have to change userdir paths.

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LUDD AFS Home Directory Migration

published 23/10-19 by armedguy

Tomorrow (24th of Oct, 2019) we will start migrating user directories from AFS to GlusterFS.

This is being done for multiple reasons, including incompatiblity with our thin client cluster, performance, manageability, to name a few.

The main noticable change will be the home directory prefix going from /afs/ to /gfs/users. Please make sure to update any scripts that use the full path as the old one will go read only when we migrate.

Some mails might take a bit longer to arrive when your account is being migrated, this is due to us pausing deliveries to ensure consistent state of mail directories.

Please report any issues you might encounter that could be related to the migration to the administrators e.g. via telegram.

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