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DH1 - Decommissioned

DH1 existed in building D at the Luleå campus at Luleå university of technology. It was for a while ran alongside DH2 to provide "geographic" failover as well as primary hosting for LCNet. For a while all operations took place there while the building housing DH2 was being renovated.

DH2 - Active

DH2 is our main datacenter located in building A at the Luleå campus at Luleå university of technology. It can host up to ~ 50kW of compute capacity and today contains over 200 servers, both LUDD-hosted and colocation. Most of LUDDs equipment consists of OpenCompute hardware that has been donated by Facebook.

DC3 - Active, experimental

DC3 exists as a complementary datacenter outside building A at the Luleå campus at Luleå university of technology. It is built to be 100% free-cooled, and hosts a limited number of servers that are used mainly for testing. There are plans together with research projects at LTU to use this datacenter for testing heat-reuse in greenhouses.


LUDD enables students and staff at the university to host their own servers at LUDD premises, aka colocation. It is a free service provided to members of the society, and the only limits imposed on it are that you may not use it for commercial purposes (including cryptomining).

If you wish to place your server in a LUDD datacenter, please contact



LUDD DUST (DistribUted Systems and Technologies) is the common name for enabling students and staff at LTU to borrow compute capacity for projects, courses, and free time to learn more and test things. You can find more info about DUST here.

User Servers

Similar to LTU, LUDD hosts a ThinLinc cluster that can be accessed from anywhere (including LTU computer labs and the terminals in LUDDs premises). The user servers are beefy computers that allows students to do software development, do homework, get familiar with a Linux environment and more. We also have connected printer services to print documents.

To connect to the user servers, you can use ssh to connect to Alternatively, you can use a ThinLinc client to connect to

Mail and maillist services

Every LUDD member gets a new email address at our domain. It can be used to send and receive mail, and has certain benefits when registering on some websites (such as free subscriptions for JetBrains products). A web mail client can be found at

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