The Luleå Academic Computer Society, or LUDD, is a computer society at the Luleå University of Technology. The organization is open to students and staff at the university.

We are a group of people that are enthusiastic about computers, and using them to do cool things. We want to enable people to learn more about computers and to effectively use computers during their time at the university.

If you are interested in computers and technology in any way, come visit us!

Our Hackerspace - A1401

As a member you can freely enter our hackerspace in the basement of the A building in the university. This is an excellent place to sit and work on your projects and find like minded people to discuss with. Many of our members are knowledgeable about a broad set of areas in programming and other computer related things, so if you need help with something you can always swing by and ask.

If you are a member you have access to free coffee, and to our kiosk BOSCH in the hackerspace where you can buy snacks, ready meals, and some LUDD merch.

There is also a printer which you can use for free (in a reasonable manner) whenever it is not broken for some reason.

The Server Room DH2

In the hackerspace we also have our server room. In addition to housing all of LUDD:s computing power, the server room also contains LCNet where members can put their own servers.

What We Do

As a part of DUST we provide virtual machine hosting. These VMs are available to all students and staff at LTU, and they are used for labs in courses at the university.

We hold courses on various topics related to computers and programming available to the public. These are to help interested people to learn more.

Sometimes we hold events like the tacophest where we meet up, serve a taco buffet and hang out. Other events are more tech focused like LUDDHack, our hackathon, or CCLAN (Cross Campus LAN) where we hold a LAN party where we connect to other campuses, hold competitions in various games etc.

And more things! Check out the wiki for more information.

Become a Member

Becoming a member at LUDD is possible for any student or staff registered at the Luleå university of technology. You can start registration online by visiting here. Alternatively, you can come visit us in our hackerspace A1401, in the basement of the A building at LTU's campus in Luleå.

Our membership fee is 150 SEK per year, and is renewable for multiple years at a time. The fee is used for maintaining our phyiscal premises at LTU, as well as our data centers and server equipment.

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board members

  • Rasmus Bengtsson a.k.a. hackerbuddy
  • Carl Weldes a.k.a. badkaret
    PR Ansvarig
  • Fredrik Falk a.k.a. freddo
  • Viggo Härdelin a.k.a. vighrd-1
    Vice Ordförande
  • Jesper Berg a.k.a. 20repsej
    Lokal Ansvarig
  • William Poromaa a.k.a. w-p4