Hello from the new board && upcoming events

published 18/08-21 by lisajonsson

Hello from the new board!

We figured we would take some time to say hello and share some information about the coming year.

Here are some things of note:

  • The annual member meeting in LP1 will be held on September 28th.

  • Each Thursday we will have our doors open for LUDD-hack, here you can come by and work on some projects, study, or just hang out.

  • In addition to the recurring courses we made have a few additions, please check the courses page for more information on these. Facebook events for these will be up soon!

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Web Server Discontinuation 2021-12-31 (Dynamic Content)

published 12/07-21 by brinktjofzki

Hello LUDD members!

We are going to deactivate server side dynamic content for the user web (accessible through So basically any server side software as well as the MySQL database provided.

This feature will be discontinued after 2021-12-31.

Note that hosting static content will continue to be supported through the web server.

If you need these features, we encourage you to migrate to DUST instead, where you can set up a virtual machine server. If you need any help with setting this up, you can contact the administrators, or join our telegram server and ask for help.

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Website and webmail updates

published 10/07-21 by datdenkikniet & alsetema

As you can see, LUDD's website has gotten a facelift! The information that was available on the old website is also availble here. If you're missing something, feel free to ping a root member in the telegram chat.

The webmail client has also been updated. Some personal settings (identities and contacts) may have been lost during the transition, but mail filter settings are still intact.

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Gitlab migration

published 07/08-20 by kitzin

Migrate from gitlab to a facebook node

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Thanks From The LUDD Board 2019/20

published 30/06-20 by brinktjofzki

It is time for us in the current board to step down and to hand over to the next year's board. With that we want to say thanks for this year and to wish next year's board good luck!

We also want to again give the reminder that from tomorrow 2020-07-01 the membership fee will be 150 SEK (previously 100 SEK).

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Email: Migration From Mbox To Maildir

published 24/05-20 by tmplt

To improve our email system we will internally migrate from the mbox to the Maildir format. Additionally, the presently active INBOX and any other mailboxes will be moved from ~/Mail and /var/mail (resp.) to /ludd/mail/maildir. This directory is not accessible to your user; it will thus no longer be possible to manage email by executing, e.g. mutt /var/mail/username. Any other programs/filters that require direct file access will no longer work. Management of email will only be supported via IMAP, POP3, SMTP and/or via the web interface. A brief introduction to filters in the web interface is available on the wiki.

The migration is planned for June 20th, which is a month away. ~/Mail will not be removed, but will change name to ~/Mail-legacy-$(date --iso-8601=seconds). Any existing mail will be copied during the migration. If you already manage your mail via the supported methods listed above, you can disregard this email.

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