Unfortunately I have a bit of a backlog when it comes to putting up photos from my recent travels. But I have now started to go through the roughly 2,500 photos that I shot during my last four journeys... eventually I hope to be able to put up a few hundred of them here.

Iceland 2004
During my last week of vacation in the summer of 2004, I went to Iceland for a few days. I flew directly from Arlanda to KeflavÝk (located about 50km south west of ReykjavÝk). I was picked up at the Hlemmur bus station in ReykjavÝk by a sweet friend of mine who guided me safely to my guesthouse in the suburb Kˇpavogur.

My second day in Iceland was spent on being guided around in ReykjavÝk by my friend and on having coffee outdoors in the sunny weather. The day after, we booked a tour that took us to Keri­ (an old imploded volcano crater), the Gullfoss waterfall where melt water from a glacier runs down into a deep gorge, then over to the Geysir area where hot water sprouts high up in the air at least once every ten minutes and you can see small pools of water in the ground that are constantly at the boiling point. Finally we got to see Ůingvellir, the old parliament site of Iceland. The area sits right at the location of where the North American- and Eurasian tectonic plates drifts apart and slowly tears Iceland apart.
On Friday I went to the Blue Lagoon (located near KeflavÝk). It's an outdoor pool where sea water is heated to around 36-39║C (97-102║F).

The weekend started off with a bit of rain in the morning but it cleared up and I went into ReykjavÝk to have a look at MenningarnŠtur (Culture Night) which is a large festival with a lot of bands playing music, exhibitions and courses taking place all over the city. The evening ended with fireworks in the harbor and I spent the night dancing in one of the clubs until five in the morning. Unfortunately there are no night busses, so I walked back to Kˇpavogur and I went to bed at around half past six in the morning.
After a few hours of sleep I packed my bags and headed off for the airport and my three hour flight back home.

Ireland 2004
In January 2004 I managed to get myself some time off from work so that I would be able to go back to the country that I've completely fallen in love with. When people found out where I was going, they more or less declared me insane for going to Ireland at that time of the year.

This time I went straight to Kilkenny and arrived at around seven in the evening and walked around with my backpack for about half an hour in order to find me a suitable hotel. After I had dumped my belongings on the hotel bed, I left into the Kilkenny night to find a place to eat and ended up at a quite fashionable restaurant called Langtons Pub & Restaurant. After an excellent meal I felt ready to venture off to find me a pub and ended up at a small one at the end of High Street where live musicians were playing and locals stood up and sung every now and then. To me it was an enchanting evening.

After Kilkenny I went to Limerick to visit a couple of friends of mine. They showed me the Limerick University as well as the city of Limerick. To be honest, Limerick did not turn out to be my favourite place in Ireland but I still had a really good time.
Next stop on my small vacation was Galway where I was invited to stay with some friends of a very dear friend of mine. The house itself was really freezing, but the hospitality I experienced still to this day warms my heart.
Before flying back home to Sweden, I also made a quick stop in Nßs where, once again, I was shown the genuine hospitality of the Irish people.

Unfortunately I wasn't very used to my digital camera, so many of the pictures ended up quite blurry. The ones I've put up here are the ones that turned out fairly okay.

Ireland 2002
Maybe it is the barren, yet stunningly green landscapes or the charming Irish people that I've seen on pictures and on television that have made me wanting to go to Ireland for almost as long as I can remember. Finally, in June 2002 I decided it was time to make this dream come true and booked myself a flight ticket. The only thing I had planned in advance was to go see a concert with Ani DiFranco at the Ambassador Theatre in Dublin on Midsummer Eve.

I arrived in Dublin on the 20th and spent the following days visiting the Guinness Brewery, Christchurch and Trinity College as well as walking for hours and hours around in the city itself. After four nights I decided that it was time to see more of Ireland and I took the train to the beautiful town of Galway. While staying there I took long walks on the seaside promenade to Salt Hill, went on a boat ride to Inis Mˇr (the largest of the ┴rainn islands) and also took a bus tour through the beautiful landscape of Connemara to visit the fairytale castle Kylemore Abbey.
I stayed in Galway for four nights before taking the bus to the city of Cork. However, as there was a golf tournament hogging up most of the accommodations, I only stayed one night before going to the small town of Killarney. During the first day I went on a relaxing boat ride on Lough Leane and took a walk up to the cemetery and ruins of Aghadoe. With Killarney as starting point I also took a bus tour around the breathtaking Dingle Peninsula.
After three nights, I decided it was about time to take the train back Dublin for a two night stay as I wanted to go see the Newgrange complex. I was lucky enough to get on a tour that allowed me to walk into the 5000 year old chamber and it was truly mind-boggling.

During the stay I took a lot of photos which you can find if you click on the title or on the small thumbnails to the right.

France 2001
While I was working for Icon Medialab, I was sent off to Paris in January 2001 with a handful of colleagues. The reason for this was to, during five weeks hand over a project that we had been working on in Sweden. The five weeks turned into ten and eventually into fourteen before we where done. Two of us even went back for another four weeks about two month later.

None of us knew the French language but we managed to get by quite nicely with our English (admittedly we where surprised every now and then by the difference of what we thought we ordered for dinner and what we actually got). My French vocabulary has since been improved with names of different dishes and foul words.

During the first two weeks, we stayed in a small suburb called Antony and walked each morning the 15-20 minutes to Sceaux where the company is located. By this time we had visited pretty much all the available restaurants in the area (some even twice) and decided it was time to move into Paris itself. We tried a few different hotels before finding one that all of us liked and then we stayed there for the rest of the time. The hotel itself is situated near the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg and it only took us 20 minutes by RER (commuter train) to Sceaux.

I took a few rolls of film while roaming the city. I don't remember the actual order of the individual photos but I have tried to group them in a fairly chronological order. That is, if I have visited the same place more than once, I've placed all the images together at the point in time which left me with the most memories.

I had never really been interested in going to Paris but once there, the city completely blew my mind and I will definitely be going back some day.