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I have trouble carrying a tune even when it neatly has been placed in a bucket, I don't particularly like hearing my own recorded voice and I dislike being in front of a camera (don't even get me started on the feelings I have for video cameras).

"- So why on earth would you then record covers and put them up on the web for everyone to see?", I hear you say (or rather what I imagine you will think... I don't actually hear fictional voices in my head and for your own sake I hope you don't talk to yourself either - especially not out loud).

Well, the answer to that unspoken, yet valid question is that I truly enjoy playing the guitar and sing and every now and then I try to challenge myself into doing things that I am not entirely comfortable with. This is definitely such a challenge and even though I am not yet sure how this page will evolve, but I am sure I will figure it out eventually. For now the only thing I know is that I will continue to add more songs as time goes by.

The label inside the acoustic guitar I am playing reads "Guitarra Buen Sonido, Model TC901". I bought it for about $100 some ten years ago and the guitar have been equipped with my all time favourite strings; the "John Pearse Folk (PJ116)".

The videos were shot with my Canon IXUS 960 IS mounted on a miniature tripod. No additional microphone has been used.