I have been using the Internet on a regular basis since 1992 and I've been working in the so-called Information Technology business since 1996. Since the last quarter of 2003 I am working full time for my own company, MT Technology Partner, which I founded in 1996.

The following are short summaries for some of the projects that I was involved in while working for my two last employers; Foresee AB (of which I was also a co-founder) and Icon Medialab AB. Information about more recent projects carried out under my own colours can be requested by e-mail.

On this project I was responsible for developing a few specific functions, such as a weekly questionaire and a section called "Rollboken" ("The Role Book") that allows you not only to search for the different plays that has been performed at Dramaten, but also for the the actors, directors and authors that has been involved in these plays.
The information dates all the way back to the opening on the 18th of February 1908.

This website uses the content management tool, Content Studio.

Produced during: 2002
Project manager: Cecilia Nyman

Stora Enso
The objectives of this project was to completely rebuild Stora Enso's old website into using Vignette V/5, Java and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 while heavily improving the usability of the back-end. A few new functions where also added in both the front-end and backend.

In the beginning of the project I was involved in identifying the existing functionality of the site and suggesting new solutions that became the base for the use-case documentation.
Later on I was responsible for the design, implementation and launch of the database parts of the system. All stored procedures were written in Transact-SQL and included interaction with the Vignette system database.

Finally I had a support role for the content-migration project in which data was transferred from the old database into the new.

Produced during: 2001, 2002
Project manager: Ulf Larsson
Claes Börtemark

The Aventis website (front- and back-end) was released internally to Aventis five weeks after the system design had started. While content was being produced and entered through the back-end, bug fixes, a redesign and development of additional functions and templates was done.

The platform consisted of Vignette V/5 and Oracle 8i and I was responsible for the design, implementation and live-setting of the database parts of the Content Management System. All stored procedures were written in SQL/PL.

During the last four months of the project I worked on the transition and on the database parts of a profiling system for the back-end together with Manuela Afonso at WCC in Parc De Sceaux, Paris, France.

Produced during: 2000, 2001
Project manager: Per Lindevall
Jens Apelgren
Eric Duminil (WCC, Aventis)

Steelscreen is built around the same technology as Delego [dot] Com (see below). You have the web server, the component object model layer (divided into application- and database-components) running under the Microsoft Transaction Server and a database.

In this project I was assigned for a few weeks to build and complete a few miscellaneous components. This included a MD5 hash-function (128 bit one-way encryption) and a wrapper for the SoftArtisans SAFileUp-component (storing the files on a separate fileserver). In order to make the MD5 encryption available on the existing databases I wrote a small migration application to go with it. Finally made one guest appearance in the database component, programming one of the use-cases. All the work where done in Visual Basic.

Produced during: 2000
Project manager: Desirée Söderberg
Mathias Persson
Claes Börtemark

The website of this [dot] Com company was up and running two months after the system design started. A perfect example on how it shouldn't be done.

For me the project initially started with proof-reading the Use-Case documents and generating a Use-Case model for the project. Later on my responsibility has mostly been in the database component- and database layer where I've been working with both the VB component and writing packages and functions using Oracles SQL/PL.

In 2001 this site received a Merit Award (in the "E-Commerce B2B" category) at "The One Show Interactive" by "The One Club" (annual ID number: 010169N).

Produced during: 2000
Project manager: Jonas Wallberg

Compaq Product Book
The Compaq ProductBook is the part of the Compaq [dot] Se web site responsible for displaying the entire product range (including their specifications and accessories) of Compaq. The focus when redesigning this part was to make it as easily updateable as possible.

Being a 1,000-hour project with only two programmers this demanded the full scope of competence from the both of us - including writing requirement specification, functional design, system design, database design and finally implementation.
The solution involved dynamically updateable images, the possibility to upload (apart from images) complete specification- and accessory-lists saved from Excel directly into the database, and the ability to administrate the navigation individually for the different product-levels directly through the browser. It was written in VB Script.

Produced during: 1999, 2000
Project manager: Marie Midell

LetsBuyIt [dot] Com
I was borrowed to the LetsBuyIt [dot] Com project during a period of roughly two weeks. My task was to investigate how invoicing and cash on delivery could be incorporated into the site.

This included contacting an invoicing authorisation partner, a logistic partner and an invoicing control partner in order to, not only specify and document the protocols used to communicate with these different partners, but also to document the responsibilities between these and LetsBuyIt [dot] Com.

Produced during: 1999
Project manager: Richard Larsson

Pocket Casino
This was a private project I did on evenings and weekends. My main concern was to learn more about the new WAP technology and in order to do that I decided to write a slot machine for the Nokia WAP Toolkit (version 1.1).

The slot machine consists of three wheels with 22 symbols (32 virtual) all according to IGT's standard model and accepts one or three coins as tokens. The service was at first written in VBScript for ASP with an Access database running on Windows NT but was later ported to PHP3 with an mSQL database running on FreeBSD.

This project included writing (in C) a command-line GIF to WBMP converter for the images used in the application.

Produced during: 1999
Project manager: Magnus Tjernström

Nordic Datadistribution / Manora
This project was probably the most ungrateful project I've ever done. I was told to make bug fixes and optimisations on the existing site but after one week with this awful code I gave up and rewrote large portions of it from scratch instead. This included the shopping cart, the favourites, the search function, the presentation of all the products and their delivery status (including packages) and the functionality for opening the pricelist into Excel.

The site was written in a mixture of VBScript and JScript in ASP and the database model came from a program called VISMA that the customer used internally.

It was quite a relief when the project was delivered and closed.

Produced during: 1999
Project manager: Gunilla Etsare
Stefan Billing

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)
I was assigned this project to aid Mattias Johansson in writing the System Requirement Specifications (SRS) of the administrative interface and the public support pages of the site. Eventually I also participated in Icon Medialab's internal review of all SRS documents.

As an aid to understand the textual flow of the specifications we introduced flowcharts into the documents. This later on became a part of the template for the rest of the SRS documents in this project.

This was my first project ever where I never wrote a single line of code.

Produced during: 1999
Project manager: Åsa Klefbom
Ritva Alaniemi

Acme (Geek Meet -99)
This is the result of Icon Medialab's first "Geek Meet", a 24-hour programming competition. The assignment where to build an online shopping solution, including a shopping basket, around an existing product database. One of the twists, beside the 24 hour limit, was that none of the groups where allowed to choose platform. In my case it turned out to be a Linux machine running PHP3 and MySQL (which I had installed the evening before).

We chose a project manager within our team and then we individually started working on the parts that we thought we would contribute the most to. The areas that I focused on were the database and parts of the business logic.

We did not quite finish the assignment, although we won the competition.

Produced during: 1999
Project manager: Pär Olsson

Marieberg Intranät
The Marieberg Intranät, built up around the Marieberg publishing sphere, is a combination between an intranet and an extranet.

My part in this project has been very limited and initially it was only going to involve a minor bug fix. The problem turned out to be the SQL server that needed to be reinstalled. This was easier said the done. Different stored procedures disappeared in different transfers and a lot of it had to be manipulated manually. Two days of trial and error, which also included rewriting parts of the code dealing with a component that mysteriously stopped working and a few additional bug fixes.

Despite all the problems it left me with a lot of experience in the Microsoft SQL server.

Produced during: 1999
Project manager: Mattias Johansson

Compaq [punkt] Se - Extranet
An extranet for Compaq's retailers and large customers with a slightly new approach to what a site actually is. This site includes four levels of access, the ability to create a new "instances" of the extranet for new companies without any programming or general NT administrative skills.

I have been unofficially responsible over the technical part of this project, including everything from the database design to the actual programming itself. The pages and functionality (written in VB Script) in the project, including all the images, ended up at the size of less then 500,000 bytes. You could fit everything except the components on a floppy disc - twice!

Produced during: 1998, 1999
Project manager: Helene Lidström
Mattias Johansson

Compaq [punkt] Se
Sweden's Compaq site containing a lot of information, services and products concerning this computer brand.

This project has among other things been to make updates of existing functionalities, been involved in writing new services such as mail-list functions, news functions and registration pages with the additional admin interfaces.
During this project the role has started to change from being mainly a programmer to also involve more administrative functions concerning the technical part of the project. This includes choosing software and solution for a mail-list currently processing more then 8,000 users. I've been doing a lot of database design on this site and also written the search functionality (combining the Microsoft Index server with plain database searches).

The site is based on Visual Basic and runs on a clustered environment.

Produced during: 1998, 1999
Project manager: Helene Lidström
Mattias Johansson
Magdalena Forsblom
Marie Midell
Marie Nyren

Svenska Industritjänstemannaförbundet (SIF)
SIF needed to be able to generate the individual passwords for their website as a batch job. The first batch was set up by me and concerned some 200,000 users.

This is my first real application with a proper user interface including progression bars, browser windows, a Set-up Wizard and everything else that makes a simple applications look advanced.

Written in Visual Basic, and delivered on two floppy disks.

Produced during: 1998
Project manager: Kristina Sturesson

Diners Club
A multilingual site giving the information in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish. Something I notice working with this site is that it is really hard to fill in missing text in Finnish, but that it is actually possible if you know the right people.

On this site I mainly fixed minor changes and created a few campaigns using Perl and Livewire for ordering information, membership request and for reserving musical tickets. Also in charge of shutting down the service smoothly when the Diners Club site moved from the Icon Medialab premises to a regular web hotel.

Produced during: 1998
Project manager: Johan Eriksson

True Casino
An Internet Casino with awesome graphics that unfortunately never hit the market. My role in this was to develop the central casino server, which was done in Visual Basic.

However this project also made me a part of the design of the protocol being used and functions in a new XML component. Furthermore I developed the game logic for a slot machine with progressive jackpot, dealt with the certificates from VeriSign and made research regarding on-line banking.

Produced during: 1998
Project manager: Helene Lidström

Icon Medialab AB (IML), together with Cambridge Technology Partners (CTP), made a prestudy for Postbanken which where supposed to be the initiation of their online bank. The idea was to reuse most of the existing technology from Nordbanken, which run on the same backend system, and more or less only redo the graphical design.

IML's role was to contribute with the experience of building websites while CTP are (or at least was) mainly focused on processes and backend systems. My role, together with two of CTP's consultants, where to understand the technical aspect of the process, including risk factors, and get it down on paper. The backend system runs on UNIX.

Produced during: 1997
Project manager: John Ekman
Robert Brunbäck

Posten [punkt] Se
Another Swedish top 50 site! I was enlisted into this project when a redesign of the site took place to make sure that the new design and structure was inserted into the old functionality, and for recompiling all the Livewire applications.

For this site I've also been creating a few banner functions. Such as automatically changing images counting down to the last day for sending Christmas cards, a Java applet for rotating information about services on the site and various Perl scripts for campaigns (such as an interface for sending email to Santa Claus).
I also wrote a NSAPI in C for handling both valid tags and expressions correctly from an administration interface and a pre-processor for restructuring a database dump coving all the Swedish zip codes.

Finally I've handled the technical support for a few weeks and written documentation for handing the project over to PSAB (The Swedish Post computer department).

Produced during: 1997
Project manager: John Ekman
Robert Brunbäck
Charlotte Jutmar
Niclas Ruthberg

Svensk Filmindustri
This site has managed to hit top 50 websites of Sweden two years in a row without any really renewing itself.

My work on this site concerns mostly the backend functions. This includes various scripts building up an automatic services for retrieving and brief pre-processing of the upcoming movies and I wrote a function in C for buying tickets with personal messages on-line where you can see how the result will turn out like before actually ordering the tickets. Also I've been adding some JavaScript features and been working as a sort of informal support service for SF.

Produced during: 1997
Project manager: Krister Sandring

Erik Penser Fondkommission
This is as far as I know the first site being built in the history of Icon Medialab AB. Some basic design was laid out when I joined, though there was a lot of confusion on what would be possible to do as far as web technique goes. The site turned out extremely high tech for -96 standards with complete remote administration. Unfortunately due to non-technical problem it wasn't launched until late -97. Quite naturally a target for redesign.

The whole site is relaying on some 150 CGI's written in C. This together with the original HTML files also written by me probably makes this my largest project ever.

Produced during: 1996, 1997, 1998
Project manager: Magnus Lindahl
Joakim Nyman
Magdalena Forsblom