In the spring of 2006 I went ahead and bought myself a summerhouse in the vicinity of where I once grew up. The place had not been used for a good few years and that had started to show. Luckily, apart from the first summer which was pretty much focused on cleaning the place from top to bottom, there are no real emergencies anywhere so I can pretty much pick and choose what I want to focus on. So far I think it has been a healthy mix of required and plain fun projects.
I can honestly say that I would never have gotten as far as I have without my family. They have not only put up with my ideas and stubborness but also helped me out whenever I needed it and for that I am forever thankful. Hopefully they have had fun in the process and that they feel like they have gotten something in return as well.

Down below I've tried to document the things that have been done so far (unfortunately I always realize afterwards that I have not taken enough pictures to document everything - but at least the trend seems to be positive).

Click on the header of each year or on the miniature photos to view the whole album.

Summerhouse 2010

The projects: The plateau by the water was raised and stones laid to create a terrace; A pathway down to the plateau was created; A wood fuelled hot tub was put in place; A new water pump was installed (fetchning water from the lake); About 95% of the sea weed was removed; The majority of the stone wall along the slope leading down to the water was finished and the area was filled with soil; The area at the left side of the main cabin was filled and evened out; A fence around the wooden terrace was erected; The wall by the fireplace was fitted with a vent.

Summerhouse 2009

The projects: A set of stairs leading down to the water was built. The pathway between the main cabin and the new set of stairs was paved; A front lawn was created. The beginning of a stone wall was built along the shore to prevent the lake from eroding the slope even more; The door to the old pump house and storage unit/bathroom was adjusted; The two old jetties were refurbished and reused as a wooden terrace; Had a chimney-sweeper verify that the fireplace was safe to use. The parking area was cleared and thicket along the ditch of the public road was removed to ensure safe exits.

Summerhouse 2008

The projects: Clay was removed from around the house allowing fresh air to flow freely under it again; New drainpipes was installed for the outside porch and at the back of the summer house; Had the guest house double window repaired (which partly included a new frame as well).

Summerhouse 2007

The projects: The front door of the porch was repaired; An infra heater on the porch was installed; The hole in the old canoe was repaired. More of the garbage around the houses were cleaned out.

Summerhouse 2006

The projects: Most of the garbage was cleared out from all the buildings except from the old garage; A new set of stairs to the main cabin was built; New wall paper was put up in the main cabins bed room and on one wall in the living room; The ceilings were repainted in the main cabin. New wall paper was put up in the bathroom and the ceiling was repainted; New furniture was purchased; The drains were cleaned; The old overgrown and neglected lawn was taken care of; The driveway to the cabin was refilled with gravel.