published 09/08-20 by brinktjofzki

ThinLinc is a way to connect remotely connect to a server graphically. Currently (2018), the terminals in T1 are actually using ThinLinc for most things. This is also how LTU's Linux environments work as well.

To connect to a ThinLinc server one needs to use the official client by Cendio, available here:

Connecting to a Server

LUDD currently has 2 ThinLinc servers that are being load balanced, so don't be surprised if you have different IPs/hostnames for your sessions. You should connect to the following address to have your session be properly balanced:

To input a custom address, simply click the advanced button once you've launched ThinLinc and you will get an extra field where you can specify an address.


The only keybind you need to remember is F8 which brings up the context menu for controlling your ThinLinc instance, like exiting full-screen mode, or disconnecting.

Terminal Quirks

  • Screen layout
    • Since the terminals in T1 have multiple screens ThinLinc does not quite work as expected. Press F8 to bring up the context menu and exit full-screen, then re-enter full-screen. Now the screen layout should be fine.
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