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These are some of the larger and therefore more well known projects at Ludd. It is not a complete list at all since small projects are happening all the time. If you feel your project should be represented here, mail the board.

LUDD Member Projects

LUDD aims to have some smaller and more accessible projects. Currently, none of these are ongoing. If you have an idea for a project that you would like to perform with the help of other members of LUDD, you can send a request to the board.

Root projects

Root projects are larger projects that are currently being undertaken by the Root group, or are relatively large in scope.


The project goal is to write a C99 compiler while still keeping it small, simple, fast and understandable. PCC is not affiliated with any other project, but the compiler has been imported into the OpenBSD and NetBSD base systems. See the project homepage for more information.


A few people have been working on a NetBSD port to VAX. This project has finished, and we are running VAXen with NetBSD.


LCNet (Luleå Campus Network) was a project started by Ludd members. Back in the day it provided internet to most student apartments in Luleå. Today LCNet is the name for colocation hosting at LUDDs data center DH2.

Project Cold Feet

Project Cold Feet is a project in distributed computing combined with providing heat to student apartments during the winter. More info can be found here


Our membership system that is under development. Code can be found here.

Project Cold Rust

Project Cold Rust is a project in data center environments, where we run a rack of servers exposed to the elements of the swedish winter, without that much protection.


A project between LUDD and XP-El to deploy a radio tower on top of building A at campus Luleå.

Ceph Distributed Storage for LUDD

Distributed storage for all user data.

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