published 09/08-20 by brinktjofzki

What is LuddKOM

Ludds conference system LuddKOM is based on LysKOM, which is very similar to the old command based BBSs, like TCL, Nikom or NTPro. These BBSs were very popular electronic notice boards before Internet as we know it came into play. Here you can join the meetings you find interesting and debate miscellaneous topics. For example, you can ask for recipes in the meeting "Mat och livsmedel" (As you will notice, most of the meetings are held in swedish, and the same goes for most clients). If someone has the recipe you seek, you will certainly get an answer sooner or later.

Unlike chats (IRC) or instant messaging systems like ICQ, MSN and the likes all posts and comments are saved on the server in a big database, meaning you can ask a question a week later. Quite similar to modern forum software really, except it uses a (usually) commandline client.

This is also where we do much of our internal communication.

Meetings we wholeheartedly recommend:

  • BSD - när smaken får avgöra
  • Datorer allmänt
  • DVD erfarenhets- och diskussionsmöte
  • LCNet - Luleå Campus Network
  • Linux allmänt
  • Ludd allmänt
  • Philm och video

Who has access to LuddKOM

In order to use LuddKOM you don't have to be a member of Ludd, but it might make things easier, since the suitable clients are already installed on our systems. You can of course install them on any computer you like and access our KOM server from there.

How do I access LuddKOM

The easiest way to access LuddKOM is to be a member of ludd and SSH to somewhere (FIXME) and run rkom. However there might be slight coding issues until set up correctly. Another easy (but maybe not so orthodox) way of accessing the LuddKOM system is by using the windows client SharpKOM.

There are a bunch of other clients out there (check LysKOM's site for some examples), so find the one that suit you the best.

The url to connect to is usually listed inside the client. But if it for some reason is not: The address is:

Other LysKOM systems

  • LysKOM ( at Lysator in Linköping
  • UppKOM ( at Update in Uppsala
  • TokKOM ( at Stacken in Stockholm
  • SCSKOM ( at Sundsvalls Commsoft in Sundsvall
  • MälarKOM ( at Mälardalens Student Union
  • RydKOM ( at Rydnet in Linköping
  • Darkface KOM ( at Darkface
  • HelsinkiKOM ( at Helsinki University
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