A welcome to the academic year 2022/2023 from the new board

published 04/07-22 by hackerbuddy

Hi to all our fellow Vicke Virus Enthusiasts!

Now that we have officially taken over from the old board, we found it appropriate to write a message welcoming you all to this new academic year and announcing some exiting events that are going to take place this year.

As always the beginning of the year will be designated to recruiting the next generation of LUDDare and helping them kick-start their education with our standard array of courses including git, latex, and Unix (dates TBD). But for our old-timers, don't worry because we plan to kick off the year with a new event, so stay tuned.

A highlight of this year will of course be LUDD's 32 year anniversary which we will celebrate towards the end of LP3, and will consist of multiple events over a weekend if plans go to shore. So keep your eyes peeled to our website and hopefully our new platform at Hitract which we have joined along with the student unions.

And lastly we would be amiss not to thank our predecessors from the 2021/2022 board who did an amazing job, both tackling challenges in the face of a pandemic and recruiting as crazy bringing many new faces to LUDD. Thank you!

All of us on the board wish you a great year, and hopefully we will see you in T1 soon.

LuleƄ Academic Computer Society 2022