Email: Migration From Mbox To Maildir

published 24/05-20 by tmplt

To improve our email system we will internally migrate from the mbox to the Maildir format. Additionally, the presently active INBOX and any other mailboxes will be moved from ~/Mail and /var/mail (resp.) to /ludd/mail/maildir. This directory is not accessible to your user; it will thus no longer be possible to manage email by executing, e.g. mutt /var/mail/username. Any other programs/filters that require direct file access will no longer work. Management of email will only be supported via IMAP, POP3, SMTP and/or via the web interface. A brief introduction to filters in the web interface is available on the wiki.

The migration is planned for June 20th, which is a month away. ~/Mail will not be removed, but will change name to ~/Mail-legacy-$(date --iso-8601=seconds). Any existing mail will be copied during the migration. If you already manage your mail via the supported methods listed above, you can disregard this email.