Emergency User/Mail Directory Migration Done

published 20/01-20 by armedguy

Today we have conducted yet another user directory migration, this time done as an emergency. We managed to get our new storage system for userdata up and running (separate from all other systems) with SSD-based storage, and took the decision to migrate everything directly instead of scheduling a maintenance, due to the mail problems we have had. The temporary storage we had were running on old HDD-based storage and could not keep up with the iops from both mail, virtual machines and user directories, which is why you have been seeing connection and mail delivery issues for some time now.

We hope that this new solution can be permanent and serve all users well, with increased uptime and speeds.

New user directory prefix is /ludd/users, we decided to make this move to make any future moves technology agnostic, so that we dont have to change userdir paths.