How To Migrate Your Work To New Buck

published 05/11-15 by yugge

We recently upgraded our gitlab instance at

Due to breaking changes on gitlabs side we cannot migrate the database along with the projects, so the migration needs to be done by the user.

Thankfully we have managed to make a program for this cause available on taurus.

  1. Sign into new buck ( )

  2. Sign into taurus using ssh (putty is a good alternative for windows)

  3. Make sure you have a public ssh key generated at taurus, it should be located at .ssh/id\

    1. You can verify that the file exist by running
      file .ssh/
    2. If the file doesn't exist, please create it by running
  4. Copy the content of the file to the sshkey fields in both new buck and old buck

    1. You can see the content of the file in ssh by running
      cat .ssh/
    2. You can add keys for new buck here:
    3. You can add keys for old buck here:
  5. Get the Private token from both old buck and new buck and note them down, you will need them later

    1. You can get the token from new buck here:
    2. You can get the token from old buck here:
  6. On taurus run

    buckmigration -oldKey [privateTokenFromOldBuck] -newKey [privateTokenFromNewBuck]
  7. The process could be pretty long, depending on the amount an size of your repos. But after completion the repos should be moved to the new buck.

Any Groups and/or Group projects will have to be created by hand, but that can be managed from the project settings. Sorry about this.