New Android Watch Moto 360 and Junghans Max Bill Automatic and Chronoscope

I have been searching for a new wristwatch for some time now. After many hours of browsing images of watches I found the german watch Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope. I really liked the design.


I did some reading about Bauhaus design and about Max Bill (the designer). I looked at the simpler models and realised that the Junghans Max Bill Automatic was much more good looking. It just shows time, and do it in style. The black chronoscope show the date in white which I don like. I decided to buy a Max Bill Bill Automatic with a white clockface without date.



Well… now Motorola have release pictures of their upcoming Moto 360. I can see where they got their design ideas. It looks like a Junghans Max Bill. Perhaps I should be buying a Moto 360 instead.