Problems with basic chat functionality

 Q: Is this thing on?

 A: Yes.

       This chat works (well, should work) in any browser, without
       plugins or special features enabled.

       There is some javascript in it but the chat works just fine
       without it.

 Q: Why doesn't anything happen?

 A: You may have misunderstood how the chat works.

       This chat does not update automatically. You have to hit the
       Send/Refresh button ("Meow" in the cat chat), and you have to
       keep on hitting it, otherwise nothing will happen.

       Quite often I see people enter the chat and not even refresh
       once. I suspect many of them simply don't understand what they
       are supposed to do, or they expect it to work more like some
       other chat room. The problem then is that different chat rooms
       are made by different people, who have different reasons for
       making them, different taste and different ideas of how things
       should work.

 Q: But I click that button and still nothing happens!

A1: You have to be patient and give people time to notice you.

       Even during the most hectic discussions there may be as much as
       five to ten minutes between two individual posts. This doesn't
       mean that the chat is empty, it may simply mean that people are
       busy writing long responses to each other, or busy drawing
       pictures (making ascii art is a slow process). You can get a
       better idea of what is happening by simply reading what has
       been said so far today (and it will give you something to do
       while you're waiting).

       The regulars are aware of this problem and usually refresh as
       quickly as possible if they see an unknown name in their Toys.

A2: Maybe you expect too much?

       Some new users seem to think that just because the chat is not
       currently bubbling with discussion and they are not greeted by
       ten different people that means the chat is empty. One person
       saying "hi" means the chat is not empty! Say "hi" to that one
       person. He's here to chat, just like you.

 Q: I tried waiting for an hour, and still nothing!

 A: That's just bad luck, but there are ways to get around that:

       * Most days there can be "gaps" of several hours with no
         activity in the chat. This is normal, and the best way to
         make something happen is to start a discussion yourself. I'm
         not saying you should sit and have a conversation with
         yourself, merely that you should write something about
         yourself or post a picture you have made (don't bother
         posting pictures you've found on the web, since we've
         probably already seen them).

       * Learn to use the Silly Little Toy!

       * Most people in this chat live in Europe, which means
         Americans often find the chat empty if they check it in the
         evening (when most of the regulars are asleep...). Try coming
         in at different times of the day.

The Quiz

 Q: The quiz is impossible to pass!

 A: The quiz is much easier if you get the answers right the first
    time. All the answers are in the text, so all you have to do is

       The idea is that the chat should be a nice place for the
       regulars. The quiz attempts to filter out such newbies who
       are less likely to stick around and take part in the
       discussion. It is also intended to make sure people are aware
       of the rules of the chat before entering.

 Q: Won't you just give me the answer to question number 6?

 A: No.

 Q: But, I've answered it seven times and it's still not right!

 A: Tough.

 Q: I don't like your rules!

 A: Then go somewhere else.