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Updates to the site, interesting-looking links, thoughts and miscellaneous other rubbish. From 2000.

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21 April 2000

I intend to link to new things here, some day, when i have time... (nothing yet, but the chat is always open... Hmmm... maybe I should put it on the homepage instead? Or maybe not?)

15 May

I guess it's time to start adding things to this one, so I'll start with some links:

I guess the logic thing to do next is to create a "subscribe to this page as email" kind of thing. I might do that, some day, maybe.

And I should link to it from all the other pages too... some day... (too tired to bother right now)

16 May

More interesting links...

Added a link to this page from the homepage and the "misc." page.

Susanna in misc.creativity (very interesting newsgroup, BTW) is worried about letting her son back to school again with a big scar on his head and is looking for suggestions for how to handle the situation.

21 May

I guess I'd better start updating this thing regularly or people will be disappointed with me.

Hmmm... how often is "regularly"? If I promise something I'll find myself in the same situation as when I did those advent calendars, people will nag on me when I don't update it often enough.

24 May

Hmmm... this isn't really "news on this site" at all, is it? So far it's been mostly "links Veronica found in newsgroups". Is this dull and unimaginative of me? Should I rename the page? Or pretend it's raining and just keep on posting them here? Or just close it down?

I guess I could include ascii pictures I make here, but it seems redundant somehow. I mean, they can be seen in alt.ascii-art (or alt.romath, or misc.creativity, or... I'll try to be better at forwarding all my pictures to aaa in the future though) and eventually they'll show up in the form of bigger updates to the ascii art page. Hmmm... maybe I should include Deja links to some of my posts here?

AAAAARRRRGH! I just remembered! It's my mother's birthday tomorrow and I have not sent her anything!  :-O

27 May

I think it's time to revive some of the links from my old "worst" page (the ones that still work, that is). Some of these are bad, some are cute, some are useless, some just... are...




(WARNING! Not for sensitive eyes! If you are offended by anything in this section - don't complain, you have been warned!)


I got a summer job! A good one!

10 June

Hmmm... time to add some more things here...

I have been working. It's been a tough first week, with a boss expecting me and two other girls to learn everything perfectly in a very short time! Things should get back to normal soon though.

Some links:

Hang on! A first week?! Soon two weeks! AAAAAAH! I have to get started with some studying!!!   :-O

I also, finally, managed to redirect web pages (follow the link to "hejasverige.html" and check what page you actually get!).

HEY! Where did all those nice "parent directory" links go!???? Did I do that or did some root type of person do something stupid?!?!   >:-( And my "README" files don't work!!!!!   >:-(  >:-(  >:-( Some idiot definitely did something stupid! (and it wasn't me!)

Where did I put that link....


Ah, yes, here it is! "Apache module mod_autoindex" Now lets see if I can undo the damage...


Tries stuff...

Hmmm... strange! I don't think I changed anything, but now the "parent directory" links are back! But still no sign of those README files.   :-o #$%!@

Suspicion hits!

Where did I put that link?

Oh, yes! The safe web browser

Yup! New server! (that could explain the odd behaviour of the chat yesterday)

So, I have to explicitly declare a "ReadmeName"? OK...

*Grrrr* *grrrr* *grrrr* I only manage to make one "README" file for the whole site! but I already have such files spread out all over the place! I want to keep those!!!!!

NO! This is TOO STUPID! I rename the file to "RENAME.html" and then it suddenly works - as a plain-text file!!!!!

Hmmm... if I...

OK, so now it takes "README.txt". Well, at least that makes sense! (even if it does mean renaming lots of files!)

Hmmm... interesting... I manage to put my standard site "look and feel" on the directory pages. That didn't work before.   :-)

Slowly improving...

Ha! I got my default bottom-of-page links in there now! Hmmm.. maybe I should just forget about the "README" thing? Maybe...? If only the README file itself would show up as yet another file in the list, but nooooooo! *grrrrr*

So, now it's better in one way, and worse in another. I give up!

9 July

I have completely forgotten about this page! Well, that's not quite true, I have collected some stuff, but somehow not quite got around to actually adding it to the page...

This must have seemed interesting when I first read it. I have since forgotten what it's about and am too lazy to re-read, so enjoy:

     Subject: Re: REQUESTED ASCII tables for the Windows 98 version of DOS
        Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 22:40:30 +0200
        From: Oliver Merkel <>
  Newsgroups: alt.ascii-art
  RoceKiller wrote:
  > Where can I dl that?
  > ;o)
  The URL says everything!
  There U can find a link to the DOS/Windows based C++ named DJGPP:
  and Perl
  and several more not mentioned here...

And a bunch of more or less unrelated links:

And some more really bad ones. As before, you are warned and I don't want to hear any complaints if you look at one of these and don't like what you find there!

14 July

Links links links

19 July

10 August

I really should add to this page more often, and in smaller chunks, but, well, maybe next year...

13 August

I should study so, of course, I've done everything but studying. The object that caught my attention this time was the Artistic Excellence Group webring and here are the "raisins" from that cake:

Hmmm... odd! When I went through the main list there were tons of pop-up windows, cute javascript effects, annoying attempts to hijack my browser, etc, but when I did a quick link check of the list above there was almost none of that (some frames, some confusing navigation, some animation, a few Geocities corner ad boxes, but nothing too bad!). I picked the sites for the content of the artists' web galleries, not for the site design! Maybe this is an indication that Diane Wilson is right in her article Overnight Success where she says "In any field, it takes ten years to become an overnight success." meaning that some people re-use knowledge from one area in other areas, i.e. good artists are more likely to be good site designers? Maybe it's an indication that the design affects how one thinks about the content of a site, i.e. an indication of my personal taste?  8-)

22 August

Well, as usual, I should be studying...

3 September

and more links...

16 September

Hmmm... does anybody read this page? Will I ever have any actual content of my own here? Oh, well, here are some more links while we're waiting:

9 November

Oh dear! I'm not very good at this frequent updating, am I! I have collected interesting links, I've just not moved them here. Anyway, November is Updating Season in alt.ascii-art and I think I'll join that trend this year too, so things should start happening here soon.

While you're waiting for The Big Update, here are some links to amuse yourself with:

The Big Update

Things are starting to happen.