running in GKrellM.

GKrellM-Licq is a pair of plugins, one for GKrellM and one for Licq, to monitor Licq's current status and pending messages/events in GKrellM. The GKrellM plugin can be seen at the bottom of the screenshot to the right. The status icon shows that the status is online and the event icon shows that the first pending event is a message. The number to the right of the two tells that there is one event/message pending.

The plugins work in such a way that the Licq Plugin, infofs, writes relevant information about Licq clients status and pending events to a couple of files in the directory ~/.licq/infofs. The GKrellM plugin then reads the files repeatedly for ever and ever to stay updated with the current state of Licq. Creating a rudimentary one-way communication between the plugins.

If you are interested in running the Licq plugin under one of the Licq 1.3.x releases, you should try applying this patch. Thanks to Alexey Bazhin.


The list of system requirements is not very explicit as of now, but at least it exists:


The GKrellM-Licq source code is made available under the GNU General Public License and can thus be freely downloaded/copied and distributed under its terms.


Download your very own copy of Licq-GKrellM here:


If you are lucky the installation will be a pretty straight forward:

./configure && make && su -c "make install"

If you are less lucky it will not be as easy. More information about the installation process can be found in the README.


When loaded while Licq is running, the plugin currently can not determine the Licq status or if there are any events pending. This remains true until the status has changed at least once and at least one event has been received (the two will start working independently of each other). This could make it seem as if the plugin is not working at first, while it actually is. When later (re)starting Licq with the plugin already loaded, this will not be a problem.

GKrellM Themable

The GKrellM plugin can be themed by placing alternative status and event icons under a theme directory called licq.

The different status icons are called:

The different event icons are called:


Please direct bug reports and other interesting feedback to:

Mattias Eklöf


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