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Requirements: perl
A little perl script that I made to easily check the environment variables for programs.
pgenv <process name> [grep]
Lists processes that matches , and the environment of each program. If an additional argument is specified, it only lists environment that matches second argument.
Example 1:
pgenv firefox PATH
Lists the PATH variable set when firefox was run.

Example 2:
pgenv firefox
Lists all environment variables set when firefox was run.


Requirements: perl
A little perl script that I made to find file names that are longer than a certain number of characters. When burning CDs, k3b often complains that a file name is longer than 64 characters, but it does not list them.
This script lists all files longer than 64 (or user specified length).
cd to wherever you want it to find files (it does so recursively from the current directory).
checkfilenames <length>
If length is not given, 64 is assumed. Download
  Popcheck 1.5
Requirements: ncurses
Log onto a popserver to see a list of all messages that you have on there, with sender, subject and size for each message. With an ncurses interface that easily lets you scroll through them, and optionally deleting messages without ever downloading them. This can be useful when you've received big mails that you don't really want to download.

New version 1.5 by Reuben Thomas is now available for download here.

Download source

  Spamfilter 2.02
Requirements: qmail
This program is meant to be used via the .qmail files that the qmail mail system uses to control what to do with incoming emails. This program will give you the opportunity to control which mails you want to receive and which are to be thrown away. It does this by checking if the mail is directly addressed or not, and then checking various configuration files to see what to do. The two most important files are .allow and .deny that should reside in your home directory. .allow will let the addresses defined in it through even if they are not directly addressed. .deny will deny the addresses defined in it even if they have mailed you directly. Instructions for usage can be found in the README file.

Sten Donslund has made a very interesting patch that will be made into a new version later.

Download source
Download patch by Sten Donslund