This page is mainly here for all you people who are interested in the Amiga and freely distributable software for the Amiga. Here I have placed most of the programs I have made, and also a lot of routines that might be useful. I have also decided to release all my source codes. You can download all of them directly from this directory, or by following the links below the descriptions of the programs. The source codes are released as true Public Domain. You can do whatever you want with them. You can email me and tell me you've used them, but you don't need to do that either.

Allocate 1.0  
Requirements: OS 1.3 (V34)
This is a little (676 bytes) program that I wrote because I needed to allocate memory, so that the memory would not be overwritten by other programs. To be more specific, I was decrunching old demos/intros that was crunched with some absolute-address crunchers (like TetraPacker etc.). The program is for OS2.0 and up only, and must be started from CLI/Shell. To start the program, enter 'Allocate' followed by the address to the beginning of the memory block to allocate and the size of the block in bytes entered in hex.
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ClockCheck 1.15  
Requirements: OS 2.0 (V37)
When you eg. start a demo or an old game or something that crashes the computer, it sometimes happens that the clock has been set to some kind of maniac's time and/or date. Sometimes it can't be read at all.

To avoid the problem with files with the wrong dates you can use this program to keep track of the clock, and set it up to warn you if the clock has suddenly been set to an old date or a date in the distant future. It can also be configured to automatically run timeprefs in that case.

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DayCount 1.50  
Requirements: OS1.3 (V34)
This program is a tool to help you calculating how many days there are between two dates (e.g. how many days old you are etc.).
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GadUtil (gadutil.library)  
Requirements: OS2.04 (V37)
This is a shared runtime library that helps programmers to create localized and font-sensitive user interfaces. Supports all gadtools gadgets plus 5 custom gadget kinds including 100 kinds of bevelboxes and a progress indicator gadget. Developed by me and P-O Yliniemi.
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Plain source
Outputs the current date in a configureable format.
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Requirements: OS3.0 (V39)
MagicMail is a new e-mail-program that I have been developing. It was meant to contain features like filters, MIME support, and a lot of other stuff.
Sadly, I haven't had the time to program that much since I got my current job, so, this project has been placed on hold. Anyone who wants to continue programming on this project, or use the sourcecode for something else can download the most current version here.
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ModuleInfo 0.98  
Requirements: OS2.0 (V37)
ModuleInfo is a small program that will help you to change the songname, and instrument names of a ST/NT/PT-Module.

I programmed this small utility because I was changing the instrument names in lots of modules, and I'm too lazy to do it all by hand..

You can of course change these things by loading the module into ProTracker, but it's much easier with ModuleInfo.

ModuleInfo also has support for unpack.library by SHI (included), so you can load a lot of kinds of packed modules without having to decrunch them by hand.

This version also allows you to play the modules!! It uses ptreplay.library to play them. This library is also included.

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Requirements: NetMail mailprogram
Don't you think that the original images in NetMail are quite ugly and hard to figure out what they are doing? These icons are made as a drop-in replacement for the original ones.
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OpenDrawerTest 1.0  
Requirements: An Amiga. (Or UAE perhaps)
This is a little test, that will show how fast your computer runs when using the Workbench, compared to a standard A500. This is a little program that creates 100 drawers in the ram disk. All drawers has an icon, and all drawers contains 3 icons. This is one of the the tests that DatorMagazin uses when testing accellerators. I spread this because I think there are many people that are too lazy to create all drawers themselves, and so that the test will be exactly the same (i.e. drawer names, icon sizes...).
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RevTimer 1.10  
Requirements: OS2.04 (V37)
This is a little program, that reads the system clock, and saves it in four environment variables, called Date, VerDate, Day and Time - once a second (or as often as specified). The reason why I did this, was that I wanted an easy way to get the date into my programs. As the assembler I use can't run arexx/dos scripts, and I keep forgetting to put the current date into the program, I did this program. Now it also includes a little titlebar clock, that's aware of prefs-changes.
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Plain source
Module player.
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TempConv 1.01  
Requirements: OS2.04 (V37)
A little utility that helps you to convert those Fahrenheit or Kelvin temperatures into Celsius (or, if you want into Kelvin/Fahrenheit).
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TrackStepper 1.12  
Requirements: OS2.04 (V37)
TrackStepper is a program that is able to step the read/write-head of the diskdrive up or down. It's mainly done for testing trackdisplays.
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Turbo Formatter  
Plain source
Formatting program.
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Various Routines  
Plain sourcecodes
Lots of small but useful routines.
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Staffan H 2003-02-05