Wednesday 6th of March 2007 - Day 191

I have a lot of things to do before I go to work today. I woke up early and washed my clothes and bought breakfast at the same time. Then walked to work. I was still a bit tired because of the long trip. But I managed to finish all the instances and they are currently running. The experiment will take a week to finish but I have to gather the data from the old instances that I ran before I went to China.

Tuesday 5th of March 2007 - Day 190

Yesterday I took the train from Wuhan to Beijing and now I have to take the bus to the Beijing Capital airport. Back to work and back to reality I guess. I will miss her a lot. I will fly back to Sweden at the end of July this year and we can finally be together for the rest of our life.

Monday 4th of March 2007 - Day 189

Today I asked Feng Yan to marry me :). It wasn't a big surprise for her because we went to buy the engagement ring together yesterday. She said of course yes but pretended to hesitate. Silly girl :).

Sunday 3rd of March 2007 - Day 188

More shopping today but this time for an engagement ring. Feng Yans mother came with us and we looked for a platinum diamond ring. After a couple of hours we found one thet Feng Yan liked. Later we bought a table tennis racket for me so I can play when I come back to Sweden.

Saturday 2nd of March 2007 - Day 187

Me and Feng Yans friend went to downtown to eat at a Brazilian BBQ buffet. Most of the food there was Chinese food, so I couldn't really figure out why they called it Brazilian :). Very strange...

Friday 1st of March 2007 - Day 186

Me and Feng Yan went out shopping today. Im starting to hate shopping and going around the whole mall. It takes to much time and energy. But we did manage to grab a bite at the foodcourt.

Thursday 28th of February 2007 - Day 185

Didn't do much today. Just wanted to stay home and rest. It was really nice not to go out and just take it easy.

Wednesday 27th of February 2007 - Day 184

Feng Yans uncle gave us a ride to the cemetery to see her grandparents grave. It was pretty sad to be there. Feng Yan was very strong during the whole process. Everything just reminds me of my brothers dead whenever I see a grave.

Tuesday 26th of February 2007 - Day 183

The whole family will go to the Guiyuan Temple today to honor the dead. It's a very beautiful buddist temple and famous for its 500 statues of munks.

Monday 25th of February 2007 - Day 182

I was right. My stomach hurts so much I have to visit the toliet 4-5 times today :(. So I just stayed at home and didn't shop with Feng Yan. She wasn't so happy about it but I was happy not to go out and just rest at home.

Saturday 24th of February 2007 - Day 181

We took a romantic walk in the park today. They had a roller coaster, a paris wheel and many other fun stuff. Part of the park was acually an amusement park. I tried to win a doll for Feng Yan buy playing darts...but lost :(. After that we went to a restaurant and ate some great spicy food. My stomach can't handle spicy food so I know I have to spend some time quality in the toilet.

Later when we came home I decided to fix her parents computer. I think I have to upgrade it. So we will later shop for computer stuff.

Friday 23rd of February 2007 - Day 180

Our last day here in Xiang Fan city. Me and Feng Yan will take the bus back to Wuhan. I had a lot of fun with Rui Rui these three days. She is so cute. She pretend to buy shy first but she as soon as she got to know us, she bacame very naughty. I hope we can come back to see her again next year.

Thursday 22nd of February 2007 - Day 179

We took the bus to see more of Chinas great buildings. We arrived to Longzhong and walked up to the top of the mountain to a Flying-Dragon Tower. It took us around 40 minutes to walk up all the stairs. It was really cool. Even Rui Rui made it up to the top...after I carried her :). At night, we got invited to eat dinner in a restaurant and some people outside close to the harbour lit some fireworks. Pretty spectacular.

Wednesday 21st of February 2007 - Day 178

Time to take the train to another city. It's Ji Ning's hometown. We will stay there a couple of days and spend some time with her mother and father. The train station was fully packed. A lot of people travel these days. The whole trip took about 4 hours.

Tuesday 20th of February 2007 - Day 177

Me and Feng Yan went with Ji Ning to the shopping mall. I bought a new sweater and was going to buy a very nice bag but didn't :(.

Monday 19th of February 2007 - Day 176

Me and Feng Yan took the bus to a tower called the yellow crane tower, mounted on a hill called snake hill. It was built about 1700 years ago. Later when we came home we met her cousine Ji Ning. She came from Xiang Fan city to visit us. We will in a couple of days take the train to meet her family and daughter named Rui Rui.

Sunday 18th of February 2007 - Day 175

All of us took the bus to Feng Yans grandfathers sister and her husband. They live at campus on a big university with more than one hundred thousand studends. Luckily they were all on new years holiday so the whole campus was almost deserted. We all walked around campus and took lots of pictures. I also met their son and his eight year old daughter. She was very active and ran all over the place. She gave me some fireworks too :).

Saturday 17th of February 2007 - Day 174

Today is the Chinese new years eve. We will go to Feng Yan's uncle who lives in downtown and then go to a nice restaurant. We were 9 people at the dinner table and the variaty of food was amazing. I skipped the turtle though :). After the dinner we went out to see the fireworks.

Friday 16th of February 2007 - Day 173

I met Feng Yan's two best friends today. One friend has a little baby, only 20 days old, called Mjao Mjao :). I like that name. We all had dinner at their place and talked about Sweden and how good it is :).

Thursday 15th of February 2007 - Day 172

Me, Feng Yan and her parents went on a trip to the shopping mall. It is actually just called the shopping mall. We walked around for a couple of hours and later had dinner or late lunch at a Korean restaurant. It was pretty stressful to eat Korean food because you had to cook it yourself. But it was good and original.

Wednesday 14th of February 2007 - Day 171

Me and Feng Yan went to downtown today. She went to the beach and looked at some animals that they sell just behind close to the main street. It was a market street where they sold only pets. Later we walked on the main street where all the young kids, who bye the way look like Korean, would shop. I saw one western person there :) and we did eat in "western" food for dinner. Can't say I liked it because it didn't really look western/european and it didn't taste good. I don't think they know how to cook western food here so I will just eat Chinese food from now on.

Tuesday 13th of February 2007 - Day 170

Today I ate a turtle. Feng Yan's mother cooked it and is considered to be a delicacy. I love turtles as pets and not as food, so I couldn't finish it. We later went to the supermarket and I took pictures of more turtles and a lot of frogs. Fresh food is very important for Chinese people I guess.

Monday 12th of February 2007 - Day 169

Me, Li Po and Feng Yan had to wake up very early in the morning. Li Po would show us the way to the train so that we can travel to Wuhan. He bought the tickets two days ago and got the tickets for the slow train. So it will take about 15 hours to arrive to Wuhan. We took the train around 8 a.m and arrived at 11 p.m to finally meet Feng Yan's mother.

Sunday 11th of February 2007 - Day 168

We all went to eat some good Chinese food today. I can't belive how cheap everything is here. We also managed to see Tiananmen Square and the forbidden city. We payed 80 yuen for two tickets and managed to meet a Swedish tour group :). So we follwed them the rest of time and listened to the guide talking about the history of the palace and the last emperor.

Saturday 10th of February 2007 - Day 167

The plane flew over Canada, Greenland (Denmark) and the north pole. Many many hours later after sleeping and waking up a hundred times I was over north China. Continental Airlines did server very good food bye the way. The plane finally landed in Beijing airport and I went through the usuall process at the airport customs after I filled out some papers. I finally exited and there was Li Po and Feng Yan waiting for me :).

Friday 9th of February 2007 - Day 166

I am so tired right now. Didn't sleep anything because I didn't want to miss my plane. I took the bus at Bloor and arrived to the airport 45 minutes later. I had to go through a long process in the airport before I could board the plane. I finally landed on Newark airport in New York. My plane to beijing was 1 h late so I decided to buy some lunch at the food court. They wouldn't accept Canadian dollars so I had to exchange $15 CAD and got less than $10 American dollars. They charged me a $4 fee. The lunch that I was going to buy would cost me about $4. I felt pretty ripped of. Damn crappy exchange company. My plane finally arrived.

Thursday 8th of February 2007 - Day 165

Individual and group meeting today. I couldn't really concentrate on anything than the trip to China. My plane leaves to New York tomorrow at 6.30 a.m. and then to beijing around 12. I will arrive the 10th. So I have to stay up late tonight and leave for the bus at Bloor street to Pearson airport at 3 a.m. I guess this will be the longest trip ever.

Wednesday 7th of February 2007 - Day 165

I ordered a double whooper from Burger King today. It is the second time that I have eaten crap/fast food since I came to Toronto. Pretty proud of myself.

Tuesday 6th of February 2007 - Day 164

Worked all day today as usual. I bought some candy and chokolade for Feng Yan's cousins. The children sure loves sweet things :).

Monday 5th of February 2007 - Day 163

It's getting pretty cold now here in Toronto. Must be minus -14 degrees Celsius now. It was really hard getting to work today because of the cold. I hope it will be warmer in China :). I also had a floor-ball game today. We lost against Salmings so I don't think we will make it to the playoffs. I play for Northern European Express (TNX) now and I got a new Jersey.

Sunday 4th of February 2007 - Day 162

A nice day to do absolutely nothing :).

Saturday 3rd of February 2007 - Day 161

Me and Lei sat down and went through the code to Tabu Search and fixed some bugs. I came home very late at night.

Friday 2nd of February 2007 - Day 160

After my cramp that I got yesterday for playing two games at a row, I just wanted to die. But I slept very early and woke up early so I could go to work at 8 a.m. Must be the first time in a long time. I got a lot of things done today so It's good idea to woke up early from now on :).

Thursday 1st of February 2007 - Day 159

Meeting with Chris today and Lei held a presentation. After that I went to play floor-ball. I have two games today both with the new teams. I played with Steagle Colbeagles in the recreational league and TNX in the competitive.

Wednesday 31st of January 2007 - Day 158

Tina's birthday tomorrow. Me and Sophie will surprise her tonight at midnight. We bought her some oil paint that as a birthday present and a strawberry apple pie.

Tuesday 30th of January 2007 - Day 157

Same old stuff as usual. Work, work, work. I have to find the stuff that I am supposed to buy for the trip to china. Must find the presents.

Monday 29th of January 2007 - Day 156

I feel much better now and I can finally do some work. I feel like a million bucks :). Now I can work on my thesis again and do some test runs on the cluster.

Sunday 28th of January 2007 - Day 155

I woke up and hoped that today was the day that I would fully recover and be able to work. But I was wrong. I still feel a bit dizzy and it's better to stay at home and recover fully tomorrow.

Saturday 27th of January 2007 - Day 154

I hoped I could bike to school and do some work today but I was still a bit ill. I just stayed at home the whole day. Sohpie's mother will fly back to Germany today.

Friday 26th of January 2007 - Day 153

Still very sick, but getting better now. I have eaten healthy stuff. Lots of fruit, vegetables, tea and water.

Thursday 25th of January 2007 - Day 152

I was very sick today. I couldn't go to the group meeting or do any work. So I just stayed at home.

Wednesday 24th of January 2007 - Day 151

I have a cold today. I couldn't sleep and I was cold and wet the whole night :(. I missed the floor ball today too. Just couldn't go out.

Tuesday 23rd of January 2007 - Day 150

Me and Lei had a meeting with Chris today. From now on we will have the meeting at the same time because we are working together. We discussed what the different experiments would be.

Monday 22nd of January 2007 - Day 149

Worked a little harder than before now and wrote a little in my thesis. After work, I biked back home to play floor ball. As a came to the stadium, they told me that another team called Ciros Delirium drafted me so I will be playing on Thursday instead.

Sunday 21st of January 2007 - Day 148

I decided to work yet a Sunday. But I managed to do little work and a lot of just browsing the web doing useless stuff. I got to work hard but It's hard to get started after a long holiday.

Saturday 20th of January 2007 - Day 147

I basically stayed at home the whole day and had a long rest. Not that I have worked hard.

Friday 19th of January 2007 - Day 146

Wrote some documentation for the Torque job array today.

Thursday 18th of January 2007 - Day 145

I biked to the library in the morning and read some more about tabu search. But I still have a lot to read. Later after lunch, 1 p.m to be exact, I went to the doctor took some shots against Hepatitis A+B. But I have to go back after the trip to China to continue the treatment. It's also the floor-ball Competitive League expansion draft tonight at 6 p.m. So lets see which team will choose me.

Wednesday 17th of January 2007 - Day 144

Well we lost against the girls in floor-ball today. I wasn't in the mood to play because the silly girl back in Sweden made me a bit sad. I scored the first goal but then just didn't give a crap if we would win or loose. The girls are good but there is no chance for them to win if I was in the mood to win. Maybe I'm just starting to get tired of my team because the all play for them self and never pass the ball. Hopefully I'll get in a team that can play tomorrow in the expansion draft.

Tuesday 16th of January 2007 - Day 143

Lei finished coding the Tabu search algorithm for me to test it today. I guess I have to search for bugs and try doing some experiments now for my thesis.

Monday 15th of January 2007 - Day 142

A new week and more work.

Sunday 14th of January 2007 - Day 141

I biked to downtown to eat some food with Torsten, Martin and some other Germans because after lunch we were going to Air Canada Center. We all watched Toronto Raptors lose against Dallas Mavericks today. They lost by one point. It was bad luck I guess.

Saturday 13th of January 2007 - Day 140

I won't go out to the pub or bar anymore. I just feel that I'm getting to old to drink beer. And I hate beer.

Friday 12th of January 2007 - Day 138

Me, Sophie, Torsten, Christian and Martina went to the pub tonight. We were told that the UTOC group had a nights pub...but they were not there. So we decided to stay there by our selves. I ordered a Pepsi because from now on I will only drink on special occasions. I just think that beer tastes like crap. I'm the kind of guy that likes sweet things :).

Thursday 11th of January 2007 - Day 137

I got a good introduction to Tabu search today by Lei. So now I have to dig more into it and write some code. I also booked the tickets to China. So I will finally see my baby again :).

Wednesday 10th of January 2007 - Day 136

Talked to Feng Yan at work today about the she booking her ticket to China. She will travel the 9th of February and arrive to Beijing 7.35 a.m the next day. I will book the ticket too and arrive the same day at 3 p.m. So the poor girl has to wait for me at the airport.

The first floor ball game since Christmas today. Be beat the other team with 11-4 :). The best game yet!

Tuesday 9th of January 2007 - Day 135

Read some more stuff about Tabu Search. But I still have a lot to do. After that I walked to Torstens house to help him move. When I came there I remembered that it was at 8 p.m we agreed to. So I walked home and cooked some food. I saw Sophie and her friend from Germany, Hans at home. So after we cooked dinner we biked to Torstens new home to meet him. Later we walked to his old house to get his stuff but the landlord was not there. So they went to the pub and I walked back to work.

Monday 8th of January 2007 - Day 134

Biked to get my visa from the Chinese embassy. When I got there I remembered that I forgot the recipe. So I had to bike back home and get back again. But I finally got it. So I guess I'll be going to China next month. I just have to talk to my supervisor to ask him how long I can stay in China.

Sunday 7th of January 2007 - Day 133

Didn't do much today. Sat home and read some stuff about Tabu Search basically.

Saturday 6th of January 2007 - Day 132

I have gotten pretty good at Zorro floor-ball tricks now. So I'm very proud of myself. I can't wait until the match on the 10th when we play against TPH Finishers.

Friday 5th of January 2007 - Day 131

I stayed at home today and talked with my girlfriend back home and about going to China. I also watched some interviews and documentary of Richard Dawkins thanks to a link that Petter sent me. I now also have a new hero :)

Thursday 4th of January 2007 - Day 130

Woke up late as usual. Went to Kensington and looked at some hiking boots but I couldn't find any boots like the ones I had when I was in the marines. Just found some crappy boots adapted to the warm weather in Canada. The guy working there showed me some boots for use in the arctic environment, but that's just to much. After that little adventure, I walked to work and started to read about CVS. I also gave the last slices of pizza to Lei. He just loved it :).

Wednesday 3rd of January 2007 - Day 129

Made some pizza today while watching The Davinci Code boot legged DVD from china town. So me, Sophie and her father enjoyed a pizza and beer while watching the movie. I will give some slices to Lei tomorrow when I go to work. I also got the package that Petter sent me. He put a DVD of Robot chicken season 1-2, three Cloetta KEX and a 256MB Ram. I missed the Swedish chocolate. I ate all pretty fast :). I should save some because I wont eat another one for about 6-7 months but what the hell it's a new year :). I think I will watch Robot Chicken tonight after I upgraded my computers ram to a total of 512 MB. Thank you Petter! :)

Tuesday 2nd of January 2007 - Day 128

Woke up very late today. Fixed my air-hook and got some tricks working with my floor-ball stick. Biked to school later on to print out some papers about the visa to China. I also baked some bread and fried some burgers with my fresh bread :).

Monday 1st of January 2007 - Day 127

Happy new year!!! My last day here in Montreal. I'm getting a ride back with Sophie and her father to Toronto. I said god bye to Jin and Chen and took the subway to the Holiday In Hotel. I didn't have to wait long until they came down and out from the elevator. We took a road trip back to Toronto and arrived around 8 p.m.

Sunday 31st of December 2006 - Day 126

We decided to watch a movie tonight because and wait until midnight for some action. The new year, 2007 is coming so me, Jin and Chen will go out at just before midnight to see if the people of Montreal will light some fireworks...but they didn't. Crappy French people. You suck! Not a single firework in the sky. But I had fun with Jin and Chen so it didn't matter so much.

Saturday 30th of December 2006 - Day 125

Another snowy day here in Montreal. Me and Jin are going to the dollar cinema and watch the movie Polar Express. Tickets and snacks for only one dollar. Not bad :).

Friday 29th of December 2006 - Day 124

It's Ga Chens day off from work today so we are all going to downtown to look at old buildings and take lots of pictures. We also went to this restaurant and ordered a Hot Pot. I also ordered General Tao of course. There was so much food on the table that I got dizzy :). I wanted to finish everything but I we had so leave some food. Our stomachs would burst if we would eat anymore. So we decided to take home the rest of the food.

Thursday 28th of December 2006 - Day 123

Jin and I went to the dollar-cinema today. Everything there costs one dollar. So I bought popcorn and a coke too. We watched stranger than fiction with Will Ferrel.

Wednesday 27th of December 2006 - Day 122

Me and Jin we went on a tour to downtown today. I was going to take pictures but it was to dark so we decided to come back another day and take lots of pictures of the old buildings and the big mountain called Mount Royal, hence the name Montreal.

Tuesday 26th of December 2006 - Day 121

It's boxing day today. That means that all the stores have a big sales. We went to Best Buy to buy some stuff. I found a very cheap Logitec 5000 pro web camera for only $30, but then I read more carefully the ad. It says that I have to pay $30 more dollars and then get the $30 back after two months by mail. That is just plain stupid and a crappy way to do business. I didn't buy anything at all but Chen bought a laptop for his parents in China. After the big "sales" we took the bus back home and I made pizza for everyone.

Monday 25th of December 2006 - Day 120

Christmas day today. Me and Jin took a walk around the area that they live in. There are lots of companies here.

Sunday 24th of December 2006 - Day 119

Me, Feng Jin and Ga Chen took the subway to a big chopping mall today. They bought a rocker for their neighbors newborn baby. After the shopping trip, we went home and exchanged Christmas presents. I got a Chinese marble chess called jump from Jin and Chen and a white Teddy bear with a Santa's hat from Feng Yan.

Saturday 23rd of December 2006 - Day 118

I took the subway to china town in Montreal today. It isn't as big and crowded as china town in Toronto. Maybe many stayed at home to prepare for Christmas. I continued on to the old city of Montreal and down to the harbor and then back again to the substation close to Notre Dame and back home to Feng Jin at 4 p.m. Tonight we are going with Ge Chen's to a buffet arranged by the company that he works for. We had a lot of fun there. I wish Feng Yan could be here to see it. We ate a lot of delicious Asian food. The best food I ever had :). I even tried frogs leg and that tasted like chicken.

Friday 22nd of December 2006 - Day 117

I will take the bus to Montreal today at 11.30 and arrive at 18.15. I made some lunch for the trip so that I don't have to stay hungry for seven hours. So I finally arrived to the central station and called Feng Jin. I explained to them exactly where I was and she arrive 15 minutes later. Before that I bought a small bag of chips and the cashier was really lazy and did everything in slow motion. The service at that place sucked. I hope the people of Montreal are not as crappy as she is.

Thursday 21th of December 2006 - Day 116

I'm going to Montreal tomorrow to visit my girlfriends sister Feng Jin and her boyfriend Ge Chen. I'm really looking forward to see them. But first I have to buy some gifts to them and pack all my stuff in one suitcase :). I will go later tonight to the body shop and pick out the presents for them with help from Tina. Tina works there so I can get some discount.

Wednesday 20th of December 2006 - Day 115

We all had a great time today at the Tidel food party. Everyone liked the food party and enjoyed the food. Chris got pretty happy about it and wants me to organize it again next year :). There was also one more party later tonight called The Duke of York, located at Bloor and St. George. My supervisor, Chris was also there at the AMIGA MIE Holiday party.

Tuesday 19th of December 2006 - Day 114

Tomorrow is the Tidel food party. I will cook kosher Swedish meat balls today. I will also boil potatoes for the trout. But first I have to find beef blessed by a rabbi and kosher bread crumbs. So I biked to this store that have a kosher section. I found the beef very early but it took a bit longer to find the bread crumbs. I finally found everything I needed, grabbed a diet coke, payed and biked back home to start cooking. I mixed all the ingredients together and finished my Swedish kosher meat balls. So I hope they will like the food tomorrow.

Monday 18th of December 2006 - Day 113

Bad news today. My girlfriend didn't get the visa to Canada because of her family ties here. So the bastards at the Canadian embassy in London assume that she won't leave Canada if the comes here. That is pretty fu*ked up! Who is crazy enough to do that? She lives in the best country in the world Sweden. No one in their right mind would give up Sweden for Canada. Damn hippies!

Sunday 17th of December 2006 - Day 112

Me, Tina, Torsten, Marina and her boyfriend went to a very nice and cozy cafe shop called Tequila Book-worm located at Queens street. I ordered ice cream and hot chocolate. It tasted pretty good but the service there sucked. So I don't think that I will go there again.

Saturday 16th of December 2006 - Day 111

Today is the floorball Christmas holiday party. I invited Tina and Sophie to come with me and meet some of my floorball friends. We took the street car to Lansdowne Ave and then changed to a regular buss up to Bloor street west. We reached the bar CIROS' and drank some beer and ate some good food with the gang. Later on we went on an after party to a club somewhere close to Spadina.

Friday 15th of December 2006 - Day 110

I bought the tickets to Montreal today. So I will go there by buss on Friday next week to see my girlfriends sister Feng Jin and her boyfriend Ge Chen. I will stay there about six days and relax. I'm looking forward to a little vacation to recharge my brain and keep my motivation going.

Thursday 14th of December 2006 - Day 109

I took it pretty easy today. Not much work done so today is official my holiday :). Real work starts after the new year.

Wednesday 13th of December 2006 - Day 108

Today is the last weekly meeting for this year. I explained to him about the job array thing and we talked about the coming Tidel food party. After that I went home and cooked some food :).

Tuesday 12th of December 2006 - Day 107

I have to create this script that handles an array of jobs and then submit it to the queuing system but PBS has a -J flag that should handle array jobs. I should look more into that but I'm just not motivated. I would like to stay at home and do nothing for a couple of weeks.

Monday 11th of December 2006 - Day 106

I have to work a bit harder now but I'm not motivated enough today. I'm just thinking about Christmas and I miss my girlfriend.

Sunday 10th of December 2006 - Day 105

Well today is the day that God had his rest. So I will do the same and do absolutely nothing :).

Saturday 9th of December 2006 - Day 104

Well it's my birthday today. 27 seven years old!!! We went out to the pub tonight to celebrate.

Friday 8th of December 2006 - Day 103

Today, Christian asked med on Skype what I was going to do tonight. I wasn't going to do anything because my birthday is tomorrow. So at night Sophie knocked on my door. She looked was in a panic and told me that there was something wrong with the stow. So I ran out to the kitchen to see what was going on. Suddenly some figures appear from the shadows and behind the wall. It was my crazy friends screaming "Happy birthday" :). They bought a very nice cake and a gift.

Thursday 7th of December 2006 - Day 102

Two days until I turn 27 :(. Damn I'm getting old!

Wednesday 6th of December 2006 - Day 101

I had a meeting with Chris today and we talked about the thesis. I will prepare by reading a book written buy Pascal Van Hentenryck and Laurent Michel with the title Constraint-Based Local Search. Sounds pretty exciting :).

Tuesday 5th of December 2006 - Day 100

Already a hundred days in Canada. Time passed buy really fast. I hope It passes a bit quicker so I can see my baby soon :).

Monday 4th of December 2006 - Day 99

A new week and more work to do. The crappy Maui Scheduling system is broken. Must be some wacky bug because it crashed each time it runs something.

Sunday 3rd of December 2006 - Day 98

I decided to work today and try to configure the cluster and get the Maui Scheduling going. I got really frustrate after working may hours with it. So I decided to go and eat some Chinese food with Lei. We went to china town and ordered some fried chicken and other stuff. The chicken was really good and juicy. The best food ever and I ate with chops ticks the whole time :).

Saturday 2nd of December 2006 - Day 97

I took it easy today and watched some movies about levitation using high current. Pretty cool that you can make something levitate using only electricity.

Friday 1st of December 2006 - Day 96

Time to go to work! Work all night!

Thursday 30th of November 2006 - Day 95

I'm waiting for a package from UPS so I won't go to work today. I ordered a Salming floorball still, a ball and a Salming bag two days ago.

Wednesday 29th of November 2006 - Day 94

I worked to 5 p.m today and biked back home to get ready for the floorball match that starts at 6.30 p.m. I didn't have a stick so my teams goalie borrowed me one. Can't wait for my new stick, although it's 100cm stick. So I guess I just have to get used to it. We played against the team called THP Finishers and lost with 10-6. I scored one goal so I was a bit happy. I'm not used to scoring this low and it's really hard to play when many in my team are new and old hockey players.

Tuesday 28th of November 2006 - Day 93

I worked the whole day as usual. This time I am going to upgrade some software in the cluster because the current version of some important programs are just to old and crappy.

Monday 27th of November 2006 - Day 92

I have worked on the cluster for a week now and almost nothing on my thesis :(.

Sunday 26th of November 2006 - Day 91

I took it very easy today. No work no nothing :).

Saturday 25th of November 2006 - Day 90

Me, Sophie and Tina went to the Swedish Christmas fair today. I bought "sill" and Marabou chocolate. They didn't have Estrella grill chips :(

Friday 24th of November 2006 - Day 89

I worked the whole day and late night today. Me and Lei decided to eat at china-town. So we went to Spadina and ordered some chicken balls and fish. The food was really good, so I think I will take my girlfriend to this restaurant when she comes here. It became hard to continue working when I was so full,so I decided to bike home. I was very tired and wanted to go to sleep but my roommates wanted me to go out with them because they needed a "body guard". So me, Sophie, Tina and Joan biked to a club in the entertainment district.

Thursday 23th of November 2006 - Day 88

Maher had his presentation today at the weekly group meeting. After that professor Beck told us that this was the last meeting this year...didn't really know that :). So I guess that me and Anna don't have to do any presentation. Feels pretty good :). Things are just getting better and better now and I joined both the competitive league and recreational league in floor ball today. I want to play as much as possible and do what I love the most.

Wednesday 22rd of November 2006 - Day 87

I did some work with the cluster today and read some sections from the ILOG Solver manual. But that is not what I want to talk about. Today was my happiest day in Canada. A Swedish girl wrote to me in facebook and said that there are people playing floorball (innebandy) here in Toronto and that I should join them. It started at the 7 p.m and a played like crazy :). Am happy to have meet such good people who love floorball as much as I. Take a tour to Toronto Floorball League and read more about it.

Tuesday 21nd of November 2006 - Day 86

The vacation is over now. So I have to work hard now. First I have to get the Maui Scheduling system up and running on the fundy cluster and at the same time read more about Constraint Programming.

Monday 20th of November 2006 - Day 85

I called my oldest brother, Habib today. He lives in Örebro, Sweden with his wife and four children. I called him using VOIP because I don't have a phone here i Canada and I can call anyone in Sweden for free...so why not. I asked Habib if I could borrow a large amount of money for my girlfriends visa. So my baby is finally coming :).

Sunday 19th of November 2006 - Day 84

Didn't do much today. I stayed at home and didn't go to work but I phoned my brother, Fikri in Södertälje Sweden. He is married and has three lovely children, Angelica, Patricia and Robin. I talked to Fikri and Angelica for a long time. Wish I could be there and help Robin with his school or at least just give him a kick start into the world of science. I didn't really have anyone who could act as a role model for me when I was a kid and no one in my family was really interested in science. My brother Thomas (god bless his soul) who recently passed away from cancer was the only one who encouraged me to study and work hard. I am where I am today mostly because of him and I really wanted to show him how much I have accomplished. But now he is gone.

Saturday 18th of November 2006 - Day 83

Today I saw the movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. I went with Tina and three of her friends to the cinema. Took us 45 minutes to get there, but the tickets were cheap, only $6.50. I was the only one who liked that movie.Just liked the sick humor and the way he makes fun of other crazy people.

Friday 17th of November 2006 - Day 82

Didn't do much today either. But I prepared some papers and send it to Feng Yan so that she can get her visum and visit me. Salla, a girl from Finland will come and visit Sophie today. Later tonight we will all go out to the pub. We ended up in Kensington market, where we saw a very nice pub. So we drank one beer and then walked back home.

Thursday 16th of November 2006 - Day 81

I didn't do anything today. I just wanted to take the day off and watch some series that I downloaded. I'm starting to like the series Heroes. It's about some guys with special powers that will save the world.

Wednesday 15th of November 2006 - Day 80

The meeting today went well. Chris verified the result that I got by talking and discussing the project with other professors at the university and they agree with my results after reading my paper. There could be a way to solve it in the future by using a language based on modular stuff. Don't know exactly how it works but the language is still under development but there are no planners that support it. So this is basically the edge of research and science. So I will start my thesis tomorrow :). Chris explained to me what it is about but it was to much information at once and my brain almost overloaded :). I will start to dive in and learn more about what I will do the next 8 to 9 months. Once again I have to start from the beginning and learn about constraint programming and scheduling.

Tuesday 14th of November 2006 - Day 79

I finished the report today. The result is that the problem can't be solved with the PDDL language. It can't handle the beliefs formula. So all I need to do tomorrow is to read it once again and correct small mistakes and then hand it in and let prof. Chris Beck verify the result.

Monday 13th of November 2006 - Day 78

Only two more days until I have to hand in the report. I will finish writing the abstract tomorrow and explain more about the analysis section. I even biked to school after dinner and came back at 11 p.m.

Sunday 12th of November 2006 - Day 77

Slept very late again yesterday, so I woke up late this morning. Decided to bike to downtown and enjoy the city. On King Street and University I was a film crew shooting a new movie called "Broken" or something. It's cheaper for American producers to come to Toronto and shoot their movies and then make the common people think that it's all made in New York. They brought some NYPD cars there too. I saw two of the actors. The hero sawed the woman from a car accident because the flipped a car upside down and blew lots of smoke to make it seem real. After that I biked to Neil-Wycik to see Christian. Went to work for three hours to write some stuff in my report and then back to Christian again to eat some big burgers. I was pretty full and happy after that.

Saturday 11th of November 2006 - Day 76

It would be nice to go out today but I have to much work to do. But instead of working I just sat at home and watched clips form youtube :). I needed a good days rest.

Friday 10th of November 2006 - Day 75

Work work work and more work.

Thursday 9th of November 2006 - Day 74

Group meeting today and another presentation from another lab friend. Next time it's Mahers turn, but it's not until two weeks from now. So I suppose my turn is in about three weeks from now.

Wednesday 8th of November 2006 - Day 73

I thought my supervisor told me to hand a ripple and not the final report. I told him at the meeting that I misunderstood him so I got another week to finish the whole report. That shouldn't be any problem. Just want to get rid of it and start something else like my thesis for example.

Tuesday 7th of November 2006 - Day 72

Wrote more crap in the report. Starting to get tired of the work. Don't think I want to do this for the rest of my life.

Monday 6th of November 2006 - Day 71

Nothing to do than work :(.

Sunday 5th of November 2006 - Day 70

I was supposed to not drink so much yesterday but I couldn't keep that promise. Didn't want to drink so much because I wanted to write the report. Have to hand in temporary report to Chris on Wednesday.

Saturday 4th of November 2006 - Day 69

A lot of people came to the house party today. Took lots of pictures and uploaded them to http://www.facebook.com

Friday 3rd of November 2006 - Day 68

Me and my roommates will have a house party tomorrow so I have to work extra hard today.

Thursday 2nd of November 2006 - Day 67

Today on the weekly group meeting, Daria held her presentation about constraint programming. The next one to go is Shoshana Hahn. I hate this presentation crap. Just want to do my job and not present any crappy paper. My will have to present something in a couple of weeks. Sucks!

Wednesday 1st of November 2006 - Day 66

I had the weekly meeting with Chris today. I have to send a wrippel of my report until next week and he will take a look at it and see what he can do. Didn't do so much more that work the whole day basically. Feels like it's the only thing I'm doing with my life. Just work work work.

Tuesday 31st of October 2006 - Day 65

Still writing in the report for the project. I thought I would finish the writing and start to concentrate more at the coding but it feels like I first have to collect all the pieces and put them together. I don't feel like solving a puzzle right now.

Monday 30th of October 2006 - Day 64

Went to work very early. Earlier then I thought. There wasn't a single soul at school. A couple of hours later I notices that the changed the time and that I was an hour to early :).

Sunday 29th of October 2006 - Day 63

I took the bike to work and tried to do some work on the project but I didn't feel good. My head still hurts. But at least I tried :).

Saturday 28th of October 2006 - Day 62

I couldn't get away from the computer. I'm trying to find a good way of creating a good gallery for my web site. They have disabled support of php and cgi in LUDD so I have to create it using either css, Java or flash. So I'm deciding and trying out some stuff.

It's not every weekend I go to work. But today I just had to. I stayed there until 11 p.m. Lei was also there and we went to Spadina and bought some Chinese take-away.

Friday 27th of October 2006 - Day 61

Went to work as usual but I'm keep on waking up too late. I have wake up at 7 a.m but I'm always to lazy to get out of bed. Still writing on the report for the automatic generation of the security protocol.

Thursday 26th of October 2006 - Day 60

I didn't want to get out of bed today. I'm not used to drinking beer. I didn't drink so many beers but it still made me very dizzy. I managed to go to work and arrived there at 2 p.m.

Wednesday 25th of October 2006 - Day 59

Tonight is the UTOC cabin reunion pub night at 9 p.m. The pub is called Einstein's. Me, Christian, Torsten and Sophie went there and drank some beers with the rest of the gang.

Tuesday 24th of October 2006 - Day 58

Went to the library to study the whole day.

Monday 23rd of October 2006 - Day 57

I didn't want to stress when I went to work. Just took it easy and went to the library to write some stuff in the report. I have find an article to talk about in my presentation. It will be my turn to present something in a couple of weeks. Lei wants me to talk about AI Planning. Thats actually a good idea.

I went out jogging in the park in the middle of the cold night. Feels pretty good to go out running when there are no dogs and people in the park.

Sunday 22nd of October 2006 - Day 56

I went to dollar store at the Dufferin Mall today and bought some stuff for the kitchen. After that I went to china town and bought chili or paprika. Put some in the soup and I just felt my mouth getting burned. Pretty strong stuff.

Saturday 21st of October 2006 - Day 55

I woke up pretty late today. It's nice to sleep and just lay in bed an be lazy. I don't want to do any work today.

Friday 20th of October 2006 - Day 54

Christian and Sophie was supposed to go to a canoe trip with UTOC but they canceled it. Instead they will go to the cabin again. I think that I will take it easy and rest this weekend.

Thursday 19th of October 2006 - Day 53

Another day in the Bahen building at UofT. Seems like the days go bye to fast. Lei held his presentation at the weekly meeting today. It went pretty well. There will be no meetings next week because Prof. Chris bought a new house.

Wednesday 18th of October 2006 - Day 52

Worked very hard with the project today and showed some more stuff that I have done to Chris. Now I have to start working with writing the report at the same time.

Tuesday 17th of October 2006 - Day 51

I woke up to a rainy day today. My clothes was complete wet when I arrive to school.

Monday 16th of October 2006 - Day 50

I didn't work that hard today. Just wanted to go home and talk to my girlfriend. So I went home at 2 p.m and talked though Skye with my girlfriend and her sister at Skye. We decided that I will go to Montreal to meet Feng Jiin and her boyfriend in about two weeks from now. I think I will check out http://www.greyhound.ca for tickets.

Sunday 15th of October 2006 - Day 49

The last day in the cabin. Me, the Chinese guy and Jennifer went home after lunch. We wanted to go home early because I wanted to study and the rest had other things to do. So when I came home I took a long warm shower and after that I washed my dirty clothes. They smelled smoke from the furnace.

Saturday 14th of October 2006 - Day 48

The Gourmet Foods Weekend started pretty good today. The people in the cabin cooked all sorts of good food. I'm supposed to cook breakfast tomorrow. I bought some bacon, egg, bread and peanut butter yesterday. We hiked around for an hour in the morning and I was to continue hiking after lunch but I ate a lot of turkey and became tired. So I slept the rest of the afternoon and missed going to the caves :(. But I will do it next time. At night some people told stories and some just talked about current events happening in Canada. It was pretty fun.

Friday 13th of October 2006 - Day 47

Worked until 3 p.m today and went home to change and pack for the trip to the UTOC cabin. A member called Massoud will pick us up at S:t George Subway station at 7 p.m. So I went there by bike and left the bike in the laboratory. I can't leave the bike outside the school building the whole weekend because people would steal the tire and other things from the bike. When I went to the subway station I remembered that I forgot my wallet in the lab. So I had to run back and ask the cleaning lady to open the door to me. Then I ran back to the subway station again and made it to the car. We were two more in the car, Sophie and a guy with a Chinese name that I can't pronounce. The trip took 2.5 hours and on the way the other people in the other car had an accident. The driver was trying to avoid hitting some raccoons but the whole car was spinning and almost flipped. They got two flat tires, so we had to change both in the middle of night night. Finally we arrived and talked to the people in the third car. They were already there and had heated up the cabin for us :).

Thursday 12th of October 2006 - Day 46

Weekly meeting today with the lab group. Thomas from France held a presentation today. Christian changed his mind about going to the cabin, so I ended up taking his place. I was supposed to study this weekend.

Wednesday 11th of October 2006 - Day 45

I was very happy with my self after the meeting with prof. Beck today at 2 p.m. I've worked hard these days and it finally pays of. But I did come a bit late to work because I drank two beer yesterday and I'm very sensitive to alcohol. I managed to work to 7 p.m. though. I haven't seen my girlfriend online these couple of days and I don't feel so good in my hart :(.

Tuesday 10th of October 2006 - Day 44

I worked pretty hard today. Got lots of things done at work and I think I'm starting to get the hang of things with the paper. The logic is not that hard but to put all the pieces together is a pain. I went straight home after work to change clothes and jog around the park. Haven't done that in a long time, but it felt good. Think I'll do that more often. Tonight Sophie told me that the guys - Christian, Adrian and more wants to go to this bar at 366 Queens Street called Horseshoe Tavern. There was four different bands playing there tonight. I finally managed to sleep at 2 a.m. though :(.

Monday 9th of October 2006 - Day 43

I biked to Dufferin Mall to buy more weights but all the stores were closed today because of thanksgiving. Biked back home and finished writing the invitation letter for Feng Yan but I needed some more information from her. I knew it would be a bad idea to call her and ask for it but I had too. So after that little chat, my day became ruined yet again. I took the bike to the harbor to ease my mind. It was pretty nice there. Took some pictures of a wind-power generator and continued with the bike down east and then back home again.

Sunday 8th of October 2006 - Day 42

Me, Christian and Sophie went to Casa Loma. It's a big castle on the hill in Toronto. We spend a couple of hours there taking pictures of some of the rooms and later we went back to Christians place. Cooleen cooked turkey for us because it's the day before thanksgiving. I ate like pig as usual :)

Saturday 7th of October 2006 - Day 41

I talked to my landlord this morning and asked him about the room in our house. Sophie has rats in her room so she wants to move out as soon as possible. My landlord needs to get rid of that room and Sophie was perfect for it. So she moved in the same day and now we are three people living in the house.

We both got invited to eat some BBQ food at Christians room. We came there a bit late because we had to buy a bike for Sophie and do some other stuff before that. The guys just finished cooking and started to eat.

Friday 6th of October 2006 - Day 40

The trip to the cabin was canceled because they couldn't find any drivers. So I came very late too work.

Me, Christian and Sophie decided to go out and drink a couple of beers at little Italy. They got a lot of good bars there but the prices are a bit high. We had lots of fun but I drank maybe a bit too much.

Thursday 5th of October 2006 - Day 39

I applied to the outdoor activities, UTOC, today and tomorrow we are going on a trip to the cabin in the mountains about two hours from Toronto. Today is spaghetti day at Ivans house. He invited all the people in the lab group to come and eat and celebrate thanksgiving. Instead of turkey they cook spaghetti and meat balls. The food was very good, especially the garlic bread.

Wednesday 4th of October 2006 - Day 38

Had a meeting with Chris today. I have to get a running example of the work that I have done until the end of this month. Starting to feel the pressure now :(. So I worked very late at night and then went to the pub to meet with Christian, Aaron, Evan, Torsten, Sophie and some more people.

Tuesday 3rd of October 2006 - Day 37

Work work work :)

Monday 2nd of October 2006 - Day 36

Today I finished a great deal of work with the cluster. I wrote a little tutorial for dummies on how to run a program on the different nodes using mpirun. My TCard has still not been activated yet. Some guy in charge of TCards missed me. But it should work tomorrow.

Later, at 3 p.m, Me and Lei went to a seminar called "The Truth about Defaults" by Hector Levesque. It's about logic and AI Planning stuff.

Sunday 1st of October 2006 - Day 35

I didn't do anything special today. Just took the bike to the library but I had a hard time concentrating again. Thinking too much about my girlfriend back home and my brother that passed away from cancer just a couple of months back. I haven't been nice to her lately and I'm starting to feel bad about It. So I returned home pretty soon and talked to her on MSN. But that didn't go so good again.

Saturday 30th of September 2006 - Day 34

Me, Cliff and his friend went by car to a store where they have good and cheap clothing. I bought myself new ADIDAS shoes for $80 so that I can start jogging in the park. Later on we went to a big shopping mall called Yorkdale Shopping Centre. I came home at 3 p.m and didn't do much until after dinner. I took the bike to Dufferin Mall and bought some weights so. I been starting to feel unhealthy and this is a good way to get back in shape and not wasting money on a gym card.

Friday 29th of September 2006 - Day 33

Finished reading an article about Spi Calculus. But I have to get starting with the modeling of the AI Planning problem soon.

Thursday 28th of September 2006 - Day 32

Not much to do than to study hard today.

Wednesday 27th of September 2006 - Day 31

I went straight to the library this morning to read some more AI Planning. I met Cliff at the library again. We had a very interesting conversation about the situation for different people in Canada. After that I went and bought me some Chinese food again. Yesterday I ordered beef and rice, but the beef wasn't that good. So I tried chicken and rice today and it was OK, but I miss my girlfriends good. After lunch, I went to the lab but poor Anna wasn't there. Her brother is at the hospital in Poland for some treatment. I hope the doctors can cure him for Anna's sake.

Tuesday 26th of September 2006 - Day 30

Almost a month i Toronto now. I have to study a lot more and stop wasting to much time on the web-site. I talked to a guy at the library named Cliff. He finished medicine at UofT but he has to study a little to be able to work as as surgeon. He is actually a very nice guy. He is married to a friend of Anna and I got to know him through her. We decided to go somewhere on Saturday to buy some stuff that I need so that I can start exercising.

Monday 25th of September 2006 - Day 29

Worked from 9 to four. I saw an ad about a room close to where I live. The rent was very cheap only $300. Compared to $525 that I pay here, its actually very cheap. So I called and decided to take a look at the basement room. I got pretty disappointed and turned it down. But it was worth a shot. After that I bought some hamburgers and took the bike to Christians room to barbecue. We also ate some Danish cake that his mother used to make for him.

Sunday 24th of September 2006 - Day 28

Still doing some updates on the site and trying to make it Internet explorer compatible.

Saturday 23rd of September 2006 - Day 27

Didn't do so much today. Just sat at home and updated the web site. I was supposed to go to a barbecue party but I had to much to do with reading.

Friday 22nd of September 2006 - Day 26:

I woke up at 7 a.m today to meet Anna at the corner of Dundas and University at 8.30 a.m. We were going to a seminar about Ilog, located at Front Street West in the InterContinental Toronto Center. Ilog is a programming environment for optimization, planning and Scheduling. The seminar started at 9 a.m and ended at 3.30 p.m but we left about 45 minutes earlier. During the seminar they served breakfast and lunch. I got a nice briefcase too. The best seminar ever.

I talked to some friends from home today. I was very nice and I miss them all so much.

Thursday 21st of September 2006 - Day 25:

Another weekly meeting today, but this time with the lab team. Chris is going to present a research paper he and Ivan wrote. It was actually very interesting. He talked about an optimization algorithm used on some problems and they method worked better than the other people developed.

I got my TCard by the way. So now I have access to the library, the lab and the Athletics Center. I took some pictures inside the Athletics center. It was pretty big. They had two very large swimming pools, an indoor track, golf, basketball and more. Beats the new C-house that they are building in Luelå.

Wednesday 20th of September 2006 - Day 24:

Today, I had the second weekly meeting with Chris. I explained to him about the cluster that me and the PhD guy, Liu worked with.

Tuesday 19th of September 2006 - Day 23:

I got pretty tired of just reading the book today. So I decided to do something else and update http://www.prutt.net and make it better.

Monday 18th of September 2006 - Day22:

Today is the meeting with all the staff at the department. I had to present my self and talk about my interests here in life and of course my work in Toronto. I found out that the Artificial Intelligence branch is actually very large and I can ask a lot of good people there if I get stuck. After the meeting I went back to the lab but I forgot my bag...so I had to go back again :)

Sunday 17th of September 2006 - Day 21:

I woke up very late today. I was supposed to go to Christian and cook breakfast for a couple of people. But I decided to bike to the library and study some AI Planning instead. Much more important and I have a lot of things to do before the meeting on Wednesday.

Saturday 16th of September 2006 - Day 20:

I went to the library to study after lunch for a couple of hours. It was pretty hard to concentrate because I had a lot of things in my mind. But I finished chapter 5 in Automated Planning. After that I decided to go to Christians room because Torsten - the German guy, said something about cooking in his friends room. But we decided not to go to that party, so we went to this club called "After Life" in downtown entertainment district. It was pretty nice and big but there was too many people. I lost Christian and Adrian in that club so I went to Mickey Fynns bar because they talked about going there before I lost them. There I saw Christian very upset because he got in a fight with Adrian. I got pretty tired and took the bike home later. Getting to old for these kind of things. It would be nice with just a party at someone's rooms and forget about going to downtown to some stupid club.

Friday 15th of September 2006 - Day 19:

I had to walk to work today because I didn't fix the bike yet. I'll fix it later, just have to pump the tire. I think some little prank kid let the air out.

I read some more articles about AI Planning at work. After work I went to Christian to drink some beer and later watch the concert by the famous Beyonce. I took lots of pictures of her that I will upload later when I create a better and faster gallery.

Thursday 14th of September 2006 - Day 18:

The group meeting was today at 2 p.m. It went pretty well. Everybody talked a little bit about them selves and what kind of research they were doing at the moment.

I had a flat tire today. Can't find the hole and I bought a crappy pump from the dollar joint that doesn't work. So I'll just take the tire to some bike store and ask him if he can pump it for me tomorrow.

Wednesday 13th of September 2006 - Day 17:

I had a meeting with Professor Chris Beck today at 10.30. I'm supposed to get the queuing system working on the cluster. That shouldn't be a problem if I had root access. Well I have to go back home and wash clothes and buy some food. Don't have so much money left...about $20 and fifteen days until I get my paycheck :(. I don't want to exchange the Swedish money because I want to send those to my girlfriend back home.

Watched the news today about a maniac shooting at some students at a college in Montreal. Twenty people got injured and one dead...always something crazy happening in Canada.

Tuesday 12th of September 2006 - Day 16:

Christian will cook chicken with rice and salad for me and Aaron at 7 p.m. Always nice when someone else cooks food for a change :). Adrian just came back from the Toronto film festival and got some pictures of him and some Danish movie star from lords of the ring trilogy. He actually saw Brad Pitt a couple of days ago.

Monday 11th of September 2006 - Day 15:

Second week in Canada, Toronto. I have been reading more from the book Automated Planning form my project at U of T. I'm starting to understand more and more about AI Planning now. I just need to read and understand the article that my supervisor professor Chris Beck has given me.

It's all over the news here in Canada. Five years since the bastard Talibans created 9/11. More horrible news, a triple murder at the hotel on Gerrard Street close to where Christian, the Danish, guy lives. It was a German guy who had sex with a Swiss guys girlfriend. The Swiss guy caught them in the act and things got out of hand.

Sunday 10th of September 2006 - Day 14:

It's getting pretty boring now. I miss Feng Yan and my friends back home. This sucks...must be the most boring weekend I've had in a long time. Usually I would party with my friends or just watch TV but without Internet at home, it gets kind of boring.

Saturday 9th of September 2006 - Day 13:

I'm not feeling a hangover from drinking to much beer yesterday. That's good because then I read AI Planning the rest of the weekend.

Friday 8th of September 2006 - Day 12:

Tonight is pub night. I will go out with Christian, Aaron, Adrian and drink some beer.

Thursday 7th of September 2006 - Day 11:

Off to work and later to the library and read about AI Planning.

Wednesday 6th of September 2006 - Day 10:

Working and reading AI Planning as usual.

Tuesday 5th of September 2006 - Day 9:

Working and reading AI Planning.

Monday 4th of September 2006 - Day 8:

I woke up very early today. I'm not used to waking up this early :(. Still feeling a bit sick but I have to go to work. It is my first day at work today and I have to talk more to Chris about my project.

Sunday 3rd of September 2006 - Day 7:

Christian bought a new bike today. Good for him :). I think I have to buy one too soon, because it's getting boring to walk the long distance all the way to downtown.

Saturday 2nd of September 2006 - Day6:

Spent more time with Christian today. We went to downtown and bought some food.

Friday 1st of September 2006 - Day 5:

I'm not staying at the crappy Hostel anymore. It was so dirty and bad there. It was nice sleeping in my new bed. I just have to get some sheets and stuff for the bed. There was actually two rooms available in the house. At first I didn't get the room that I wanted because a German guy with the Norwegian name, Torsten got it. But he hesitated and I said that I wanted that room. So he didn't take it and now I got the room and now my old room is empty. Now we are two people living in the house. Me and a girl named Tina.

Thursday 31st of August 2006 - Day 4:

I got the room at 21 Rolyate Street now. I took a look at the room on McGill street. It was pretty crappy, dirty and close to a construction yard with lots of noise. The rent is cheap but It the room just sucks. So I will not take it. I think I will move to Rolyate Street tonight. Just have to pay my landlord $1050 for two months rent.

Now that I have a permanent address, I can go and get my SIN (social insurance number) so that my employee can start paying me. So me and Christian went to the Service Canada Office at St Claire. After that, we went back to U of T (University of Toronto) and filled in the last papers for the paycheck. Then we headed to the bank and opened a bank account.

Wednesday 30th of August 2006 - Day 3:

Christian called my room at the crappy College Hostel. I didn't see him at the airport because I was feeling very ill. So he came to room 415 and said hi to me instead. We decided to find something to eat and drink. I'm not sure if I can drink the tap water in Canada. The water stinks of chlorine

I will meet my supervisor Professor Chris Beck at the University of Toronto today. So I will go there with Christian and tell Chris that it is better if I start on Monday because I'm not feeling so good. It will take a lot of time for my body to adapt to the bacteria in Canada. But first I had to fill out some papers about a computer account for the lab where I will work.

I took the subway to St Claire to get my Social Insurance Number. But I couldn't get it because I didn't have a permanent address. Looks like I have to find a room as soon as possible. Don't want to live in that crappy Hostel anymore.

I called this guy named Tim English. He has a room available. So I will go and see it tonight at 10.30 p.m. There are lots of people wanting one of the rooms. The price is OK. But housing in downtown is always expensive. But there is another room that I will look at tomorrow between 10-11 a.m.

Tuesday 29th of August 2006 - Day 2:

Woke up with a bad cold. I feel very sick today :(, but I have to find a room. Christian will land at the airport tonight. I will try to meet him there if I can get out of bed.

Monday 28th of August 2006 - Day 1:

Just landed at Pearson International Airport. I got help from Anna, another IAESTE exchange student to find the way to my Hostel. I will stay at the Hostel for about 4 days until I can find a room. I don't feel so good right now from the trip. My throat hurts. I expect to get ill maybe one week or more because of the exposure to the new environment.