Demolization 0.3.0 released - Tue Feb 19 2000

The 0.3.0 source as well as win32 binaries are now available in the downloads section. Version 0.3.0 is a complete rewrite of 0.2.9. The intro has been temporarely removed.

About next version - Sat Jan 01 2000

Been working on version 0.3.0 of Demolization lately. Although this version will look similar to 0.2.9 the internal changes are massive. In previous versions although the code itself was ok the structure was horrible and it had become a serious pain in the ass to maintain the code. So in 0.3.0 the code has been completly reorganized from the ground up. Once this reorganization is complete further development should be alot easier/faster.

Julafton release - Fri Dec 24 1999

Version 0.2.9 is out! This one includes quite a number of changes and improvements such as a massive speedup in non doublebuffer mode as well as partially rewritten coastline placement code by Birger Hedman.

Major upgrade - Sat Dec 18 1999

Version 0.2.8 of Demolization is now available on the downloads page. 0.2.8 includes basic unit support, new optionsmenu, updated autoconf support as well as updated tileset.

Win32 binaries of Demolization 0.2.7 available - Tue Dec 14 1999

See the downloads page.

Demolization 0.2.7 with autoconf support - Mon Dec 13 1999

Released 0.2.7 with autoconf support today + updated tileset.

Demolization 0.2.6 released! - Sat Dec 11 1999

This version includes a completly new tileset, although it looks ugly as hell it isn't a cheap Civ1 ripoff like the old one ;-)

Access the old tileset with --civtiles

First public release! - Fri Dec 10 1999

The first public release of Jon Haggblad's Demolization (ver 0.2.5) is now available on the downloads page! Beware this is a really really early release and doesn't really do anything yet...

New look - Fri Dec 10 1999

Welcome to the new look of the Official Demolization homepage

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