Here you can find some of my very own pictures, everything you see on them has been made from scratch by myself alone. All of them are designed and rendered on an Amiga 1200 using Imagine by Impulse Inc. All pictures are copyright (c) 1993-2006.

Dealing in Darkness
I have not had that much time as of lately creating new scenes, but here is one I managed to create during a period of about two weeks. I did not really have any specific wishes to fulfill when modeling this scene, it was mainly an attempt at creating some form of table scene with chairs - as plain and boring as that may sound. :) There's really not that much else to say about this scene. As for those of you wanting to know technical details, the rendering time was about 60 hours which is fairly long, and most of the objects are reused from previous scenes. That's all for now.
Deflecting the Dragon
With this scene I tried creating some ruins and chaos amidst an otherwise neatly ordered corridor. The creature in the middle actually comes from an as of yet unpublished scene depicting the battle in Moria, but other than that most objects are created especially for this scene. Rendering time was about five hours, which was surprisingly short for a scene like this. There is not much else to say about this scene really, because as of writing I have an idea of a somewhat different scene which I'll start modeling right away. :)
Guardians of the White Tower
Since the last scenes I've made have all taken place at dawn, dusk or nightfall, I thought it was time for a somewhat brighter scene. As usual, I started with naming the scene and then went on building the towers and the rest of the castle. Contrary to what the name may suggest, this scene has no connection to the White Tower in the Wheel of Time series. I wanted the scene to be illuminated and have sharp contrasts, giving the impression of a rigid structure cutting through the mist. When I was finished with this scene I realized it has much in common with another scene I've made, and it's rather interesting to see how my talents in stone masonry have developed since then. :) I was amazed at how quick this scene was rendered - not even two full hours despite the reflecting water structure.
An Army in the Waste
I started this scene with the idea of having some kind of army, preferably in some harsh environment like a desert. After a few test renderings I decided to add the river to make the scene a bit more interesting and add a better sense of depth to it all. Modelingwise, most of the warriors are descendants of the Ravenlord and are equipped with weaponry from the Tavern. (Both scenes can be found further down on this page.) The blade of the naginata is marked with a heron, in case you were wondering.
In the Court of the Accepted
As the name suggests, this scene came to life when I tried to depict some settings from the Wheel of Time series the way I imagined it. It is not a specific scene, it's more of a blend of various episodes and chapters. Several years ago I did a similar scene (which for that matter has not been published and probably never will) and some ideas from that scene can be found here as well if you know what to look for. Technically seen, this is supposedly the single largest scene I have ever completed with over a hundred hours worth of rendering. For those of you interested in raytracing details, it is the combination of grass and reflecting water that increases the rendering time so dramatically. However, since water looks so much nicer than earth, the time is well spent. The thing I like the most in this scene are the towers which turned out to look much more interesting than I had ever thought they would, especially since they were mainly a last minute fix to make the skyline more intriguing. :)
The Sword
What inspired me to do this scene was a combination of Lord of the Rings and the Wheel of Time series, as they both incorporate prominent swords - something I tried to illustrate in this one. I was surprised on how good the sword turned out to be. I did no test rendering of the object after its creation, contrary to how I usually work, but it looked just the way I wanted it to. Most objects are newly created ones especially for this scene. I tried to reuse some of my older objects but they did not fit in with the atmosphere of the rest of the scene. One other thing I tried out was a new lightning texture, which gave some interesting results. In conclusion, I must say I'm rather satisfied with this scene and the mood of it...
Wielding the Power of the Valley
As all of my rendering projects reside in their own directories, I tend to give them a project name first and then elaborate on it once they are published. The name of this scene was simply "Valley" initially, but based on its contents I decided to change the name to a slightly more descriptive one. I had no specific image in mind when I started with this one, except that there should be some sort of valley, some mountains, and some foreground people. The rest came by itself as time progressed. The one thing I like the most in this scene is probably the intricate carvings of the pillars as they branch out into the air. Technically seen, this scene took about 45 hours to render. Most of the modelling was made while watching some classic episodes of the TV-series "How the West was won".
I haven't had that much time to work with raytracing as much as usual during the last few months, but here is one of the scenes I've managed to finish. I do not recall having any specific intentions when I started on this scene, it was just an attempt at making a corridor in a palace. On the modeling side, the sorceress was created especially for this scene, as I realized I had been using my previous model for quite a lot of scenes as of lately. There is a reason to why I chose to name this scene "Nighthawks", but if I said what that was there would be nothing left for you to figure out, right? ;)
The Conqueror
This is a scenery I've had in mind for some time, but it took a while until I decided to try and make one just like this. The inspiration comes from various sources; most of the modeling was made listening to some heavy metal music and remembering fragments of an old Amiga computer game. I am pretty pleased with the outcome if I may say so - even though it took nine test renderings until things looked as they should. I spent quite a lot of time trying to add different lights aboard the ship, but they always dominated the scene, disturbing the rest of the nature's own beauty. Because as you know, things are not always what they appear to be, especially not in the deceptive nature...
Starting with the source of inspiration for this specific scene, I believe it must be somewhere in book four in the Wheel of Time series. Not that I tried to create any actual scenario from the book, but there are a number of small factors which served as seeds for my inspiration. When I looked at the final rendering which had taken around 50 hours, I must say I was pretty pleased with the outcome. Previously I had only made some low resolution test renderings, but none of them would capture the atmosphere as it is represented in this full size image. As always, look closely and you may see things which are not meant to be seen at first glance...
Acid Rain
This scene comes from my book "Retaliation", a book I started writing on some years ago in a sudden moment of creativity and boldness.. Considering I wrote the first chapter in one evening and haven't done anything more since then, I highly doubt it will ever be a bestseller. :) Anyhow, the main character of the book is depicted in this scene, overlooking a vast city in an all too near future.. While futuristic scenes are not my favourite ones, I still decided to add this one since I thought it had some of the mood and atmosphere as other scenes I've made.
Invaders from the Sea
Many years ago I made a scene similar to this one, but I never quite managed to get it the way I wanted it to be. Instead of trying to remake a more than seven year old scene I therefore decided to make a new one from scratch, since that is much more fun. Originally I tried to have another scenery in the background, but neither mountains nor grass looked that good - so I relied on the good old sea once again. An empty sea is however not that fascinating to watch, so I added a few newly modeled ships as well. Another nice thing was that I found out a new way of making stone walls, and I believe that may come in handy some day. It took around 48 hours to render this scene, a rather reasonable time when you have other work to do.
The Flame of the Waygate
This is yet another fantasy inspired scene I made up one evening. I wanted to create a scene where nature and something artificially made would blend in harmony, like some ancient structure among misty trees for example. The lighting turned out to look quite nice as well, it fits into the rest of the scene just as it should be. Now when I'm done with all the pretentious talk I'll give you some technical facts. The scene took around 70 hours to render, thus making it the most time consuming scene renderwise I've ever made. If you think the ground floor look familiar it's probably because I used the same one as in the scene "Ravenlord" below, I kind of like the structure of it - it's not too reflective nor too dull. There's someone hiding in the forest as well, a person who has appeared in several other scenes of mine.
A Sea of Fire
It's strange how fast time goes - this scene is actually about half a year old but I still can remember how I built each and every object on this scene. Some of the objects are taken from another scene I made at the same time, but that one has not been published yet. This scene is sort of an experimental one, and I don't have that much more to say about what inspired me to do it. I've been planning on making some changes to it but until I get some spare time for this specific scene I'll probably let it look like this - maybe someone will find it useful.
What do I want to say with this scene one might ask? Well, nothing special really, I just read fantasy literature and get some impressions that I think would be nice to visualize. Normally I tend to create new objects for each scene I make, as I think the end result will be better if everything is made from scratch rather than reusing objects I once made for an entirely different scene. However, sometimes I make an exception to this rule - like in this scene where about 90% of the objects originates from other scenes I've made. If you haven't already noticed, I like to do scenes containing details not immediately apparent at first sight. You'll find such a detail in this one.
Born in a Gothic Hall
This scene came to mind after I attended a lecture where some gothic cathedrals were shown. I thought it would be interesting to create something like that, and here is the result. Technically seen I don't think there is anything special to say about this one, except that it took about one day to render the final scene. The name "Born in a Gothic Hall" is partly inspired by a song from Blind Guardian, and I now realize that this scene very much resembles the scene I imagined the first time I heard that song as well.
Eye of the World
When I read the first book in the Wheel of Time series I did not exactly get this specific scene in mind, but I did get an urge to create a scene depicting something like it. This is a somewhat elaborated image of the Eye of the World as I imagine it to look like. Not all details are true to the book, but I claim that as artistic liberty. :) Although the scene was created in just a matter of days and needed merely three test renderings, it has become one of my favourite scenes. I really like the feeling of vibrant power in contrast with solid rock and wood. There are some things which are not apparent by first sight, so pay attention to details and you might see things that others do not...
Garden of Light and Darkness
While the scenery is in the same style as most of the other pictures I've made, I feel that the atmosphere in this one is a bit different - somewhat clearer, more sharp, in a way. I do not think anything in particular inspired me for this one, as I remember it it was simply an image coming to mind one evening. The scene is rather old, and it took quite a lot of renderings until I got it right - so now I'm glad I got something presentable, although it's not one of my favourite scenes.
Castle of the Sunset Ridge
What inspired me to do this scene was a vision I had while doing some system administration on my computer. While not a very logical source of inspiration, it was quite fun to being able to realize it in the first test rendering just some half an hour later. Since the last scene I created had the observer looking down over a landscape, I wanted this one to give an impression of something a bit more unreachable. I am quite pleased with the end result, although it is not at all as detailed as the scenes I normally like to do when I have more time to spare.
The Silver Towers
With this scene I wanted to create the impression of the observer being on top of a height, overlooking a forest with towers sticking up here and there. Forests are however not that easy to create, at least not when they are supposed to look somewhat photorealistic and not just like plastic toys. Having everything as a forest would have made the scene a bit dull, so instead I relied on a nice water surface. As a side effect, it enabled me to add some other things which you can see on the picture. While this scene may not be one of the most atmospheric ones I have created, it certainly is much brighter than the last ones. I noticed that my Amiga monitor had a bit too much luminance, so when the scenes looked good on that one they looked all too dark on other monitors. That's now taken care of.
Three Minutes to Midnight
The inspiration for this scene comes directly from the music video to Iron Maiden's "2 Minutes to Midnight". In one of the scenes that flashed by for a second or two there was a table in an empty room, and I felt that I wanted to create a similar scene. The modelling was done in one evening, just after having seen the aforementioned music video. The first test rendering took 14 hours, and to my surprise it looked so good that I almost thought another rendering would not be required. However, I noticed some minor details that I wanted to adjust, like the shadow from one of the glasses and the intensity of the fireplace. Finally, after another 16 hours of rendering this is the result. I must say I am rather pleased with this one.
The Towers of the River in Moonlight
Originally this scene was supposed to have a lot of trees lined up, but after some futile attempts at creating a realistic model of a tree I decided to change the scene a bit. This scene is not one of my personal favourites, but maybe someone out there will find the beauty in it. Apparently some people use my pictures as backdrops for their desktops, so I guess this might be a good candidate for such a collection. If you like this one you could take a look at the slightly different version just below.
The Towers of the River in Sunlight
This scene is, needless to say, the same as the one above but under another time of the day. This scene is not that graphically interesting, I made it primarily for having some backdrops to choose between, similar scenery but in different moods so to speak. On a technical side I could mention that the scene took about two hours to render, and the objects occupy around 100 kb of space on the disk. I think I'll also dedicate this scene to my Amiga which currently runs a personal uptime record of 85 days. :)
Entering the Emerald Hall
Not many of the scenes I have created so far are dominated by a green colour, so I thought it was time to change that with this scene of an emerald hall. You may find that there are not that many emeralds immediately visible, but if you look at the floor you'll see it has a greenish colour shifting which I find quite nice. In the beginning I made the emerald flame holders a bit more bright and shiny, but then the contrast between them and the rest of the scene became too sharp so I decided to make them a bit more anonymous. For those of you intrigued by technical facts; the modeling took about six hours, the final rendering four and a half. I also noted that rendering in this 960x768 pixel size yields the best result.
Waging War at the Tavern
There are a lot of taverns and inns in most fantasy books I've read, and here is one of them as seen through my imagination. I am actually rather pleased with the end result, I made the torches and flames emit some more light so that all the details could be seen for once. Believe me, some of the early test renderings required a lot of patience from the beholder in order to see what was actually there. You might recognize a similar scene further down the page which I did some years ago, but since I was not fully satisfied with that one I decided to create a new one from scratch. This is how it turned out.
Meeting the Fade
Those of you who have read the Wheel of Time are probably familiar with fades already. This is my interpretation of how an encounter with such a being would feel like... I created this scene during a period of perhaps three weeks, and have spent about six hours or so modeling. I especially like the torches, I think they look a bit more realistic than other torches I've created in the past. Anyway, that's all I have to say about this one.
Contemplation in the Dawn
The source of inspiration for this scene should be rather obvious. After having finished the two swamp scenes below I realized I had no scene which incorporated bamboo of any kind. Since bamboo is such a nice material I decided to try to create some and see how it would look. The other new thing I tried out was the yellow fog thing, it created a rather nice effect which I had not thought about before.
Tripods of the Blue Swamp
Originally this scene is based on Fluorescent Swamplands below, as I was too busy to invent the vegetation all over again. Anyway, to those objects I added an early childhood memory which is reflected in those shiny tripods which you can see. On a technical side this scene was not very difficult to create, the beams of light are simple fog objects and there is not much to say about the other parts. I still like the water structure though, and this is most likely not its last appearance.
Gathering of the Silver Sphere
Not much to say about this one, I simply wanted to create some kind of fantasy scene and try out some settings and new objects. Hopefully you should see a number of people sitting along the walls, even though they are a bit hard to find in the darkness. It was a bit difficult to create the proper atmosphere in this scene, probably because the stone walls themselves did not look very interesting when lit up. It's not one of my favourites but I decided to put it up here anyway, maybe someone else will find it useful.
Fluorescent Swamplands
This scene is not that special, I just wanted to make something with only organic elements and nothing else for a change. Here you have the result, grass, bushes and trees, together with some water, fog and sunshine. The water surface is a bit different from my other scenes as you might notice, instead of reusing the same surface with minor modifications I made a new one from scratch - and it turned out to be more suitable for this kind of perspective. I won't bother to write any pretentious description of this scene, so you'll have to make that one up for yourself. ;)
Desolate plains
I had the name of this scene quite clear in my mind when I started modeling so I built up the scene around that theme. The name most likely origins from an old Amiga adventure game where one of the locations was described simply as "Desolate plains" - a description which sounded like a nice theme to make a scene of. The red cloudy background is painted by hand and you might recognize it from having appeared previously in another scene further down. As always the jpeg compression really messed up some details, but I suppose you can figure out most parts of the scene anyway - otherwise use your imagination.
Unseen Powers in the Marble Hall
I thought it was about time to make a scene with some more sunlight shining in order to match the outside weather better. The name has a bit of a dual meaning, the first one should be fairly obvious while the second one is left as an exercise for the observer.. Some technical info for the ones interested: This scene was the last one rendered before the power supply to my Amiga broke down some weeks ago. Luckily it could be replaced, and in honor to the old supply I decided to put this scene here.
A Place for Contemplation
This scene is perhaps a bit too dark for all details to be seen at once, but I thought that adding more light would just ruin the whole setting. It's sort of an experiment with lights, I tried to illuminate everything in the scene using only a single type of lightsource. Everything was done in one evening while I was busy doing something else, it's good that all the test renderings take some time after all. The final version was rendered during the night that followed, and was finalized the next morning into the one you see here.
A Long Journey Ahead
I tend to have a number of scenes in progress all the time, tweaking some details whenever I feel for it, or creating new scenes when I find inspiration. This is a scene which has been developed for quite some time, the mountains were created about a year ago, while the details were added in the last weeks. I wasn't quite satisfied with the first versions, so I let the scene be for some half a year or so until I finally got it right from my point of view. The clouds in the background are painted by hand, the rest of the scene is made up of ordinary objects. I like this scene, it's quite a nice resort.
Spheres in Motion
The primary inspiration for this scene came from a picture that a friend of mine told me about - a picture with rainbows, dolphins and a princess. Inspired by her description I started creating a similar scene, but after several rainbows which ended up looking like colorful plastic toys I started all over with a different approach - and this is the result.
Spiders of the Sea
This little spider infested scene was created over a year ago, back then there weren't even any spiders, just grass and water. The spiders were added just recently to test some odd combination of metal, wood and water, and this is the resulting scene. I guess the surrounding area will be used in forthcoming scenes as well, because I had some other things in mind when creating the scene initially.
Ocean Outpost of Hope
Since the summer is approaching I made this scene to try to catch some of that atmosphere. I thought it was about time to do something constructive instead of experimenting with boring cold space scenes and such, so that's probably why this scene was created in one evening with some additional minor tweakings the following days. Anyway, the JPEG compression really can mess a picture up, a lot of details found in the original IFF picture have disappeared in this conversion. However, most of the feeling still remain, the essence hasn't disappeared.
Sunset over the Three Towers
An experiment with yellow fog and mountains produced this scene, so I thought I'll place it here on this page as well. The rendering time of 16 minutes and modelling time of about an hour makes this the quickest produced scene on this page, but then it was just an experiment after all. I noticed that the conversion to JPEG didn't do the scene any good in terms of detail and shading, the original picture looks slighly better in that aspect.
Fortress of Mist
Time for a bright and sunny scene now when the spring is finally emerging from the dark winter. I have no further comments about this one, except that the ship you see in the background is probably one of the most frequently used objects of mine, this is actually its third appearance on a stage as a background object. I suppose I'll have to fix a leading role for it soon... :)
Chamber of Light
This is how a typical test rendering looks like if everything works out well, the scene is under construction and is subject to change without notice... Maybe the name will change as well, "Chamber of Light" might not be that appropriate considering the obvious amount of darkness and shadows at the moment...
The Gathering
Inspired by some fantasy book again, this scene was created as a sequel to another scene made some years ago. Instead of just remodelling the previous scene everything was built from scratch once again, but except for the ghost in the middle the main scenario looks very much the same as in the first scene.
Temple of Nyissa
With version 5.1 of Imagine my weird FPU finally accepted to cooperate with the floating point version of Imagine. This meant I was able to use all those nice floating point textures that my faulty FPU couldn't handle before for some unknown reason. However, this scene took 20 hours to render, and you might see that the ship is identical to the one in the scene named "A Grey Harbour" below, except for some minor changes to the hull and sail.
Stranger of the City
This is one of the few futuristic scenes I've put onto this page so far. It looks almost like what I had in mind at first, except for some minor details like skyscrapers... This must be the scene with the longest rendering time so far, 12 hours to be precise.
Royal Garden
What can I say about this scene then? It's a bit related to the "Night of Tranquillity" scene since the material used is very much the same. The rendering took about eight hours, the modelling and test rendering a bit more.
Wizards' Meeting at Rivendell
The name Rivendell might seem familiar to those of you who have read some books by J.R.R Tolkien. At the start, my intention was to create all those hobbits, elfs, humans etc. and place them sitting around the table, but as you can see it didn't turn out quite so... Because of all the wizards in the background, I added the word "Wizards'" to the name of the scene to make the name a bit more suitable. Final rendering took approximately three and a half hour, the modeling and test rendering took about sixteen hours I would guess.
Night of Tranquillity
This picture turned out to look rather nice, which is good since it took quite a long time to render it. The inspiration to this scene came from my own mind as far as I know. I wanted to make a calm scene, that would really give you the impression of silence and tranquillity, and finally it turned out to look like this. This one's rendered in the summer of 1997. Quite new actually.
I made this one for a local exhibition during the spring of 1997. This scene was an excellent opportunity for me to try to do some plants, trees and flowers, but it was supposed to be something entirely else from the beginning. My first plans was to make a rather dark scene, to test some fire effects, but at the end the scene was filled with other people and quite a lot of green plants.
Evening at the Tavern
Some of the inspiration to this scene actually came from a fantasy book I were reading back then ("The Belgariad" by David Eddings), but it doesn't look as what I had in mind when reading the book. However, it became a tavern filled up with soldiers and wizards at last.
Expensive Candlestick
Not much to say about this picture really. I did it quite a long time ago when all my scenes had the theme "Things Standing On A Table Since It's So Easy To Do Those Scenes". :) Well, my goal was to make a candlestick, and I think I succeded.
Futuristic Vision
Once upon a time I had this weird but beautiful dream: "Everything was black, the sky was black, and so was the ground. But there, far far away in the distance, the Silicon Globe stood waiting, with lights shining out of the windows... I could feel the high-technology in the air as I looked at the huge building rising towards the black sky. Its power was surrounding the whole world around me, and as I stood next to a black tree, I was told that the name of this enchanting place was Silicon Valley." Quite a nice dream, but this picture cannot do it justice after all. No picture can. Ever.
A Grey Harbour
When I looked at this picture and compared it with the picture named "Harbour", I realized that they looked quite similar. This was not my intention after all, so it must have been my subconsciousness that did it. :) Inspired by some fantasy books I've read since the first picture, "Harbour", this one has got a bit more atmosphere in it, at least I think so. :)
Palm trees in Magenta
Welcome to the Hotel California... someone said when seeing this picture. I suppose it could be so, but I don't think I had that hotel in mind when doing this scene. The name of the scene is explained by the magenta coloured fog that covers everything. Magenta coloured fog, does that exist? I haven't seen any fog of that colour, but I like this scene anyway.
Palm trees in Orange
With the help of an image processing programs I cheated and changed the colours just to see the result compared to it's twin picture "Palms in Magenta". The atmosphere became completely different, so I'll include this picture too.
On Towards the Sea We Go
This scene was originally created to be shown at a drawing course I attended at highschool during 1996/97, together with "Palms in Magenta", "Futuristic Vision" and "Evening at the Tavern". How did I come up with that name? Well, there's an old Iron Maiden song that has those words in the lyrics, and those words were quite suitable.
Melting The Metal
This is my second fog-filled scene, my first intention was just to test a number of lightsources and glowing objects, and at the end it turned out to look like this. This one's made in 1995.
This picture is one of my first attempts to make a scene filled with fog. I decided to make some sort of Tolkien inspired image, and here's the result. It doesn't give me that real Tolkien feeling though, but after all, it is one of my first pictures...

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