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2004-03-06: Would you be interested in working with a web designer to create a story book/personal site?
I would be interested if I had the time for it, but unfortunately I do not have that much time for raytracing activities due to my regular work. However, leave your email if you want to discuss this further and I'll contact you.

Besides, my Amiga rendering system is currently offline due to monitor sync issues, so I have been unable to create any new renderings for the last few months. :-( I'm trying to get UAE workíng instead as that would give me a lot more power for rendering, but there is a bug that cause the specular setting in Imagine to go nuts at the edge of its area of influence. I've found one reason for this to be caused by a bug in UAE's 68040 emulation, where a pointer is not incremented properly for a certain 68040 instruction. (It seems this bug is what causes Imagine's brushmaps and textures not to work properly under UAE.) In addition to that there seems to be yet another related bug, but so far I have not found which instruction is to blame. Until those bugs have been fixed I am more or less unable to make any more renderings, but in the meantime I spend the little "rendering time" I have left trying to debug which UAE emulation bug causes the error in Imagine. If I ever find a solution to it you can expect higher resolution renderings, more details, better models, etc. due to the increased CPU and memory resources made possible by UAE, so I'm still hoping for a solution...

2002-11-10: I wonder what models/books/dogma have inspired you to these [pictures].
Well, I do not have that many models which can be easily explained, so I'll elaborate on some of the more concrete aspects. I try to make the scenes come up on their own, and it is not often I try to depict any specific scene from a book or movie. However, at times some of those may serve as an inspiring seed for further work.

When it comes to books I started with "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" which were probably the seed that inspired me to take on a fantasy approach to 3D modeling. Later on I read the series "The Belgariad" and "The Mallorean" which also heavily influenced my pictures for a while. Then, after that, I started reading the "Wheel of Time" series which I guess is the main inspiration source for now.

When it comes to music there are mainly two types of music - heavy metal and SID-tunes from the Commodore64 era. Those artists I listen to most frequently when modeling are Iron Maiden, Hammerfall and Blind Guardian. As of lately I'll include Nightwish and Rhapsody too for some of the more happy scenes, as well as Iced Earth and Virgin Steele for the more harsh ones.

TV-series I often watch while waiting for a rendering to complete include Friends, Married with Children, Simpsons and various other comedies. I avoid watching depressing TV-series. Inspiring movies are Conan and Red Sonja, plus of course all the wonderful post-apocalyptic B-movies made in the 1980s.

To get to know why I make all these pictures I recommend you to study the comments on the raytracing page annotating the pictures. And when you think you understand it all you can be pretty sure you do not. ;)

That's all you need to know. Then of course I owe all this to the Amiga computer making it all possible in the first place. Had I not started with an Amiga all those years ago I would probably never have begun with 3D modeling at all.

2002-10-24: I'm playing Utopia and I need a good kingdom banner. May I use one of your pictures?
Sure, you who wrote this comment asking for permission may go ahead and use one. Since I'm somewhat psychic at times I assume you want to use The Conqueror as a banner (am I not right?), and permission for that is hereby granted. Good luck!