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My projects are stalling less than the updates to this page. (April 08)

I always have some project or another going. Or a dozen rather. Most of them never even make it to this page.

I hope this page will contain some of the things I have done. Enough talking, here are my projects. But don't expect this page to be up to date, if you are curious, email me.

  • My markov chain project. I have written a program that uses probability matrixes over text files to generate new text of its own. I will pull myself together and write a text on the project soon. Meanwhile I offer a text that my program has written here. I wrote a little introduction to how (I think) this works here. (May 02).

  • I have played around some with My the PC/C25 board. A DSP daughter board manufactured by Longborough Sound Images (now merged and called Blue wave, actually in 2002 they were merged into TI).

    Have started writing a devicedriver for NetBSD/i386, I will never finish that.

Completed things.

Here are "completed things". That is, things that work and that I don't intend to do more work with, unless there is some kind of request for it that makes me take it up again. These projects are closed, sleeping and waiting for renewed life..
  • A small program that produces inverse matrixes by Gauss-Jordan elimination. It is simple, both mathematically speaking and as a computer program. There are many improvements to do. One is to make it use fractions instead of real numbers. But I leave that to someone else, the program has already served its purpose to me. Another thing that should be done is make it use dynamically sized matrixes instead of compile-time fixed as they are now. (1998)

  • dldemo. A small collection of sourcecode to show myself how dlopen(3X)/dlsym(3X) works. (27 Apr 2000, 24 Jun 2008)

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