Various stuff from the Gerry Anderson TV series

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Thunderbirds is one of my absolute favourites when it comes to TV series. It's a puppet-animation, with lots of pyro-tec involved. There is a lot of detail in the work, and as an engineer I'm really amused by some of the solutions to technical problems. The series has gained cult status, and when you see it, you'll understand why. The plots are based around a secret group (International Rescues) with really hi-tec vehicles and equipment taking all kinds of hefty assignments. Everything has this nostalgic space-look that was typical for the sixties.

This is a picture of Thunderbird 1 coming down the ramp underneath Tracy Island, where the base is located.

Thunderbird 2 is coming in to land on a runway with plumes of smoke coming up from it's retro rockets.

Thunderbird 3 has taken off and we see it from below with one of it's boosters firing. The letters F.A.B. are superimposed on the top left of the picture.

Thunderbird 4 is seen inside it's pod ready to be launched when some water based disatster occurs.

Thunderbird 5 as seen orbiting the earth with the logo "Thunderbirds are GO" in the bottom right.

In this one we have the whole of International Rescue sitting in a family portrait. Going from left to right we have:

You can also listen to the Thunderbirds Theme if you have the proper hard and software.

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