Suzuki XF 650 Freewind

Well, I had some idea of adding some useful XF 650 info to this page every now and then. Given my track record, that will not require an RSS feed to keep up with - but still, the manual is here, and I guess that is what most people will be looking for:

Service Manual (pdf, 12 Mb) for the Suzuki XF 650 Freewind 1997-2001

Original part numbers can be found at this excellent site. Images as well as descriptions.

At one point I had to remove the right side engine cover, as the neutral position sensor fell off. If the dashboard neutral light cease functioning, chances are that is not the light bulb itself being broken. If the engine is automatically shut off when you put the side stand out and the gear box in Neutral - then it may very well be the sensor instead.
Right side cover removed. Screw and pin, culprits on the loose.
Screw back on, using blue Loctite. The end of the crankshaft visible.

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