Installing customize

In all examples /custom vill be used as a base directory for customize and it's recommended to use that directory so start by creating it.

Download perl and the perl modules Net::Netmask, IO::Tty, IO:Stty and Expect. Extract all the tar files go into the perl directory and run

./configure.gnu --prefix=/custom/prog/Solaris/perl/5.6.1
(change the version number if you install anything else then perl 5.6.1)
make install
Then you should install all the modules (start with IO::Tty and then IO::Stty). All you have to do is to cd into their directories and run
make install
Create the directory /custom/prog/perl/bin and copy contrib/perl_wrapper to /custom/prog/perl/bin/perl and edit it to suit your needs.

Copy the bin, lib, scripts, data and etc directories to /custom.
Try running /custom/bin/, you should get this error: "Can't open /custom/etc/host.conf: No such file or directory"