Add clients

First you need to add the hosts to dns or what ever nameservice you are using.
Run something like the command below and change nis to dns if you don't use nis.
cd /export/install/os/5.8_<version>/Solaris_8/Tools
./add_install_client -e 8:0:20:1a:1a:1a \
 -c \
 -p \
 -n[] sun4u
This script will add the macaddress to /etc/ethers, copy nfsboot to /tftpboot and link, an add an entry to /etc/bootparamd Verify that tftp is uncommented in /etc/inetd.conf and if you haven't had any /tftpboot directory before you need to run "sh /etc/init.d/nfs.server start" to get rarpd and rpc.bootparamd going.

Install the clients using "boot net - install" on the OK prompt or run reboot -- "net - install" If you don't want X-windows to start you can add a "w" after install ("boot net - install w").