What is it?

Customize is a program for managing Unix systems. It can do things like patching, installing packages, mirror disks, editing inetd.conf and alot of other things. Today it mainly supports Solaris, Linux (Redhat) and FreeBSD but some Irix support also exists and hopefully it will also support other Unixes in the future. Customize is written entirely in Perl.


Installation guide
Customize config-file
Global customize functions
Man pages for all Global customize modules
How to handle patching of Solaris
A guide to get jumpstart and customize working on Solaris


If you want the newest code you should look at the CVS.

cvs -d login
(The password is anonymous)
cvs -d co customize
Or browse the CVS using CVSweb.

The first release will soon be found at
The only thing thats missing before the release is more documentation so feel free to help me with it :)


Customize was created for internal use at Ericsson Erisoft and later released to the public under the same licence as Perl itself. That is Artistic Licence or GNU Public License


The largest part of Customize is written by Joacim Häggmark who is also the current maintainer but alot of other people have also helped both with design and coding.

Please send me an email of you have any questions or ideas.
You can also join the customize development mailinglist, just send an e-mail to with "subscribe customize-devel" in the body of the mail.

Special Credits To

Mattias Grönlund, Ove Risberg, Anders Sundin, Peder Strand, Daniel Bergström and Ericsson Erisoft AB