This is the homepage of Lars Zetterlund. I am a former student at LTU, attempting to become an engineer (Master of Science) in the area of Computer Technology.

I have a passion for Unix-style OS:es, and am a previous full-time user of the Slackware GNU/Linux distribution, although I now use Gentoo. I also have some experience administrating OpenBSD and FreeBSD (thanks to the former's excellent firewall system, pf).

During my time here I've programmed in many languages: feeling fairly comfortable in most, but I prefer to code in the first two (depending on the scope of the project).

I am previous chairman (Sv: Stolsman) and one of the sysadmins of Ludd, the Luleå University Academic Computer Society. It's great fun to be around these beasts.


My public PGP key (I also have an older key for my gmail account, but this should be used for all future purposes)
How to retrieve lost Windows NT passwords from within a GNU/Linux environment
A patch to make the Cool-streams and Shoutcasts optional in version 1.4.6 (and 1.4.7) of Amarok. (If you would like to remove them completely, check out the older patch)


E-mail: exdeath ( at ) ludd.ltu.se
MSN: See email
ICQ: 263237365
IRC: exdeath @ quakenet (Usually me, look for the hostname Galadron.users.quakenet.org)