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== Earlier Problems ==
== Earlier Problems ==
P1 - Strömavbrott - [http://upload.ludd.ltu.se/problems/p1.pdf PDF] - [http://upload.ludd.ltu.se/problems/p1.md Markdown] - [http://upload.ludd.ltu.se/problems/p1.html English version]

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The Programming Ladder is a weekly programming competition run by LUDD. It was started in April 2013 and is currently on its first year. Each week, members are challenged with a programming problem. Depending on how well they solve the problem, they'll gain a set amount of points which are recorded on the ladder. At the end of the year (December) the topmost contestant wins a price (the value of which depends on number of contestants and supporters).

Current Ladder


Submission Link

To submit a solution go here: Submission Page


Any major programming language is accepted with reason. If you are uncertain if a language is accepted, send us a mail at adm@ or ask us on g+ or facebook and we will give you an answer as soon as possible.


When a submission arrives on our systems, it will be run with the same format of inputs and outputs mentioned on the problem sheet. If the submission is correct, the contestant will be rewarded points according to the scoring system.

A submission is regarded as correct if the program:

  • Terminates within 2 minutes,
  • Generates correct output according to the format on the problem sheet,
  • Compiles correctly, if compilation is needed,
  • Does not use any non-standard libraries.

If a submission is regarded as incorrect a mail will be dispatched to your Ludd E-mail address (username@ludd.ltu.se). If you have not forwarded your Ludd E-mail, it can be viewed at Webmail. The mail will state that your submission was rejected and why. These are the possible responses:

  • ERROR: Timeout reached. Program execution exceeded 2 minutes.
  • ERROR: Wrong output.
  • ERROR: Could not run. Please check that your program does not require any non-standard libraries.
  • ERROR: Compilation error.
  • ERROR: Wrong format. (Only upload .zip, .rar, .tar.gz or .tar.bz files.)

If a submission is regarded as correct a mail will be dispatched to your Ludd E-mail address (username@ludd.ltu.se) congratulating you on completing the task and mentions your appointed score.


While it is not against the rules to cooperate in solving the problems, contestants are to submit their solutions individually. Submitting a solution that is similar to another contestant's or that is obviously copied is frowned upon. Multiple offences will result in disqualification.

Input and Output

Input will be submitted through STDIN according to the problem sheet.

Output will be received through STDOUT according to the problem sheet.

Lineendings used for input are Unix lineendings, that is \n.

On linux, if you want to test STDIN and STDOUT, do "echo 1 | your_program | cat -" and it will send 1 to your program through STDIN and print what is received throught STDOUT.


Upon submitting a solution the program will be run on our machines. If a correct solution is returned within 2 minutes of program execution AND the program is terminated, the contestant will be rewarded 10 points. If the program does not meet those conditions the solution will be rejected.

A contestant may choose to resubmit their corrected solution but will be deducted 1 point per failed try.

For example: Vicke submits his solution to a problem. He has previously submitted two incorrect solutions. Vicke's new submission is correct so he will be rewarded 8 Points (10 Points for a correct solution - 2 Points because of the 2 failed tries)

The minimum amount of points rewarded is 2. If your score deduction would lead you to receive less then 2 points, it will be adjusted up to 2 points.

You can submit a solution to an earlier week's problem, but you can only be rewarded 2 points maximum for the solution.


To submit a solution, head to http://upload.ludd.ltu.se and send us your source code. Your solution should be packaged as a .zip, .rar, .tar.gz or .tar.bz file.

Please make sure to only send the files needed for compilation and running your program.

Current Problem

P2 - Hemliga Meddelanden - PDF - Markdown - English version

Earlier Problems

P1 - Strömavbrott - PDF - Markdown - English version

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