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So you're curious about Ludd, but wonder what becoming a member will bring you? Look no further.

Shell account

When becoming a member you will be given an account on (nearly) all our servers. With a quota beginning at 1 GB, this can give efficient relief from the usual IDEAL account.

Tied to this account are two email addresses: One is your username@ludd, the other your FirstName.LastName@ludd. Mails directed to either account end up in the same mailbox, so setting up your client is fairly easy.

HTTP Hosting

If you want a web page, but are reluctant to fork out the cash demanded by dedicated web hotels, you will be pleased to know that a membership in Ludd includes web hosting for as much or as little of your files as you want.

Our web server is quite popular among the various societies on campus. If yours want a web presence, we might be the solution!

MySQL Server

If you need access to an SQL server for web hosting or otherwise, we can help. Accounts on our MySQL server is available for free for all members upon request.

Computer project assistance

Have a project in mind, but lack the hardware to try it out? We have some hardware lying about that we can provide for serious projects.

Access to 1401

Our terminal room is in 1401. With plenty of couches and computers, this room is perfect for studying or slacking about. Although this room is essentially open for anyone on weekdays, members can be given access around the clock, every day, on request.

Programming Workshops

Once a week the members of LUDD join for programming workshop. Helping each other along the way and promotes coding.

Internal competence

Perhaps most significantly, being a member in Ludd gives you a good chance to fraternise with the crème de la crème of computer-interested people on campus. LuddKOM is an excellent forum for discussing with people with years of CSEE experience.

Reduced pricing on any of our events

During the semesters LUDD arrange a variety of Events. From LAN Parties to Taco Parties to Guest Lectures. While the events are open to everyone, LUDD members get a (usually) hefty price reduction.


Do these benefits look appealing? Then feel free to become a member.

If you want more information, mail the board at this address.

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