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Welcome to the Luleå Academic Computer Society (LUDD)

We are a Computer Society at Luleå University of Technology, open to all students and employees. For the latest news, keep an eye on our social media Facebook, Google+, or join our chat rooms at telegram, irc and discord. For more details, please visit our About page.

LUDD Membership system.


Here is a list of the upcoming events.

[26/4/18] Propaganda Workshop v2

Since, the last PR workshop was not very well PR'ed LUDD is going to have a new one on the 26th of April, 18:00 in A3024. In this workshop a discussion about what the previous (not well-advertised) workshop concluded, as well as any new ideas that come up.

Now's your chance to improve how LUDD advertises events!

[03/05/18] RegEx Course

Do you wish to manipulate strings like a pro? Then this course will be up your alley! LUDD is having an introductory course in RegEx on the 3rd of May, 18:00 in A3024.

(.|\s)+ (everyone) is welcome! Members and non-members alike. ;)


Every thursday after 18, all members and public are welcome to our hackerspace to work on projects, or schoolwork. Sometimes there will be lab assistants from different courses that are held by SRT.


Our rules can now be found under Regler. Our bylaws can be found under Bylaws (Stadgar).

Unfortunately, both the rules and the bylaws are currently only available in Swedish.


Our Hackerspace is located in room A1401 in the A building, do pay us a visit whenever!

Interested in checking out our Hackerspace but it's to cold to travel? Member Robin Bond just uploaded some photospheres of it. Check them out! :)

Register RFID card

To access A1401 using the card system you must first register your RFID card and contact information for your ludd user in the Vortex membership system. To unlock the door, swipe your card and enter your PIN.

Click here to register your RFID card.


We are looking to hold more courses for our members. There is currently a strawpoll available, so please cast your vote on which courses you would be interested in attending. You are always welcome to leave suggestions on which courses you would like to be held by sending an e-mail to the board using this address.

PDF from the GIT course

The PDF from the git course (2016-04-07) can now be found here: Introduction to Git

LaTeX course

The slides from the LaTeX course can be found here.

Information about the new mailserver

The new mailserver requires SSL/TLS for IMAP and POP3 connections, please make sure that you have configured your mail client to use SSL/TLS.

Mail filters can be configured via or via managesieve. The hosts will continue to be for IMAP, for POP3 and for SMTP.

If you have mailfolders located outside $HOME/Mail/ then you will find them in the home/ ($HOME/Mail/home/) folder in your mail client.

General Information


Contact Information and Sponsoring


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