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Why you should consider donating to ludd

There are several reasons, a few of them being the following:

  • People will learn your products
  • Free advertising for you
  • Its good for the environment

The fact that people will learn your products has plenty of advantages - people who are active in Ludd typically end up working as some sort of sysadmin sooner or later. If they have already been using your products at Ludd and it worked very well it is quite likely that they will promote your product over something they do not have any experience with. If you happen to run a company, the people at Ludd will learn the products you are using, thus giving the market more people who are competent at administrating your system rather than your competitors'.

By donating things to Ludd you make your company visible to at least the active members of Ludd. We will gladly put your logo in the sponsors section of our site as well.

The fact that you no longer need to store the hardware yourself is also a notable thing to consider. Renting a warehouse for things laying around that nobody uses anymore when someone else could use it doesn't make much sense.

Recycling and 'staying green' is very popular in these days of global warming and environmental concerns. If you give your used computers to Ludd we will most likely use them for something, so they will not end up at the dump. However, Ludd is restricted to 'reasonably' sized things. A watercooled computer the size of a 20' container might be cool and cost you a fortune to the rid of, but unfortunately we don't have the resources needed to run that kind of system. However, we do have server rooms with proper cooling and most likely enough space to run systems we find interesting.

Lastly, we will pick the stuff up at your location if we can get access to a truck or suitably sized car within the required time. Normally this is not a problem, and this means you do not have to bother with any form of transportation, thereby saving money by not having to get rid of it as junk.

So, if you have something you want to donate to Ludd (Software is of course also appreciated), please email our administrators at this address.

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