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What is Ludd?

Ludd is the computer society at Luleå University of Technology in the north of Sweden. The formal name in swedish is Luleå Universitets datorförening. The members are all students or employees of the university. It is an organisation with a board and a group of system administrators. You can find our rules here.

In the past we have also had an electronic newspaper, the Garbage Collect, but it is currently not in active duty. The GCE archive will be available sooner or later for historical reasons, and who knows, it might even become active at some point in the future.

Contact information

Snail mail

Luleå Högskolas datorförening "LUDD"
C/O Luleå Tekniska Universitet
97187 LULEÅ

Visiting address

Building A, room A1401
Luleå University of Technology
Luleå, Sweden

Or, in swedish: A-huset, A1401
Luleå Tekniska Universitet


We do not have a phone.



Our Machines

In our domain, we have a number of workstations (most of which are SUN machines of different kinds) in a terminal room, connected to a mix of SUN and PC servers in out server hall. Most machines run flavours of UNIX, most notably Solaris and FreeBSD.

The network at Ludd is independant, meaning it is a purely student administrated network, independent of all institutions, although we do cooperate with CSEE in some regards, as well as IT service. The system is administrated by a root group, coordinated by a system operator.

Our services

On our machines, we run a number of services:

  • For our members
    • Free, unlimited time access to internet, email, and our machines
    • Free web space
  • A public ftp server as At this ftp site, we have some of the top file areas for Linux and AmiNET. We also mirror NetBSD and FreeBSD archives.
  • An electronic conference server - LuddKOM (swedish).
  • A www-server at

Aside from this, Ludd has also been responsible for installation and help to people that want to connect to the campus network, LCNet, and often acts as a helping hand with other computer related activities at the university.


BOSCH is the official refreshment server of Ludd. It holds an unknown number of soft drink cans.

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