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These are the people who are trying to keep Ludd's computers going. If you have any questions of a technical nature, feel free to ask them, but remember that all work at Ludd is done at a free-time basis, so don't get mad at them if they don't want to get up in the middle of their beauty sleep just to get that web server running... :-)

If you need to contact them, you can do it through this address.

Username/mail Real name/www home
ragge Anders Magnusson
pantzer Mattias Pantzare
leijon Viktor Leijon
lps Petter Skott
joacim Joacim Häggmark
pj Peter Jonsson
cl0wn Jan Lindblom
mry Markus Johansson
exdeath Lars Zetterlund
jonas Jonas Jonsson
blade Andreas Nordin
benny Benny Johansson
gilinko Linus Leijon-Isaksson
yugge Magnus Aspling
seblar-0 Sebastian Larsson
freedick Fredrik Nordin
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