From LUDD - Luleå Academic Computer Society

These are some of the larger and therefore more well known projects at Ludd. It is not a complete list at all since small projects are happening all the time. If you feel your project should be represented here, mail the board.


The project goal is to write a C99 compiler while still keeping it small, simple, fast and understandable. PCC is not affiliated with any other project, but the compiler has been imported into the OpenBSD and NetBSD base systems. See the project homepage for more information.


A few people have been working on a NetBSD port to VAX. This project has finished, and we are running VAXen with NetBSD.


LCNet (Luleå Campus Network) was a project started by Ludd members. Today LCNet is administrated jointly by student volunteers, IT-Service, and to some extent Ludd.

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